WhosOnLocation + Active Directory

To get the most out of WhosOnLocation's features, you’ll need to populate the employee directory. WhosOnLocation supports employee import from Active Directory. Using a simple script, you can sync ten or ten thousand employees in moments.

Setting up the WhosOnLocation + Active Directory sync means you can easily deploy WhosOnLocation across your entire organization, no matter the number of employees or offices. And since all updates to your AD account are pushed to WhosOnLocation, you’ll automatically on-board and off-board employees as your team grows and changes.
WhosOnLocation's support team is here to help your IT team set up a script to automate your directory sync.


  • Sync employee details from Active Directory to WhosOnLocation with a few lines of code
  • Makes it quick and simple to roll out WhosOnLocation at multiple offices
  • Automatically update your WhosOnLocation employee directory when you update Active Directory
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