WolEvac Reports

This article covers the details of WolEvac reports. You must be a Reports User to access WolEvac reports.

WolEvac reports show the details of any evacuation events created using WolEvac. For more information on WolEvac, please see our Helpdesk.


You can see an overview of WolEvac reports which shows certain details such as when they were created and how long they lasted. This overview can be filtered by event status and location.

To see the details of an event, click on the View Reports button next to the event.

WolEvac Report

When you click into the detailed report of a WolEvac event, you will see the verified safe overview at the top, event details in the top-left corner, and search fields on the left side of the screen. Each different view will generate different details in the report.

Verified Safe - Percentage of people in each category and zones that were included in the event that were verified safe

Event Details - Time the event was created, who it was created by, its current status, how long it lasted, and how many people (and who) were marking people as safe during the event

Search Fields - Filters used to find specific details in the report.

View People

The main view in the WolEvac report, this view shows details of all the people involved in the event.

Name - The name of the person involved in the event

From - The organization or department the person is from

Mobile - The mobile number in their profile or provided when signing in

Host - The employee hosting the person if applicable

Verified Safe - Whether or not the person was verified safe during the event

Person Type - Employee, Service Provider, or Visitor

Onsite Status - Whether the employee was onsite during the event if applicable

Zone - The zone the person was located in at the time of the event

Assistance Required - Whether or not the person indicated that they would need assistance in the case of an evacuation

Notified via SMS - Whether or not the person was notified of the evacuation by text message

You can hide or reveal any of these fields using the View Columns button at the top of the view.

View Zones

This view shows you all of the zones that were involved in the evacuation event and whether or not they were cleared.

View Notices

Displays all communications that were sent during the evacuation event. This includes verifiers joining and leaving the event, text messages from people in the event, and messages between verifiers. Any safe replies from people involved are not included in this section.

Created - The date and time the message was sent or action occurred

Verifier - The verifier that sent the message or the event occurred for

Person - The person that sent a message if applicable

Notice Type - Either Verifier Message or SMS Reply

Notice Message - The message that was sent or the event that occurred

View All Logs

Shows all activity from the previous views combined in one view with less detail. This includes, people verified, zones verified, messages sent, and verifiers joining and leaving the event.


Lastly, you can export the full report as a PDF using the Export PDF Report button. This PDF will include all four views with all fields.

Post Evacuation Reporting

In this video we explain how to access post evacuation WolEvac reporting.

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