Kiosk Custom Questions

Kiosk Custom Questions are used to ask extra questions which are not covered in the basic questions built into WhosOnLocation. You must have the Administrator user role to access custom questionnaires.

Kiosk Custom Questions can be set up for signing in or out of a location and each questionnaire can only be set to one type of person (employee, service provider, or visitor). 

Please Note: Currently, Kiosk Custom Questions can only be presented via the Kiosk. A feature request is currently in place to also enable these to display via the Sign In/Out Manager screen.

This article contains information on the following:

Creating Your Custom Questionnaire

Custom Questionnaire Questions

Organizing Your Questionnaire

Activating Your Questionnaire

Cloning Your Questionnaire

Editing Your Questionnaire

Creating Your Custom Questionnaire

To get started creating a new custom questionnaire:

  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click the green View button next to the location you want to manage.
  3. Select Questionnaire Manager from the left-hand menu.
  4. Select the Kiosk Custom Questions tab along the top.
  5. Click Create a New Questionnaire.
  6. Enter the details for the questionnaire and click Save.
  • Questionnaire Name - Displayed on the kiosk when questions are being asked.
  • Questionnaire Target Audience - The type of person you want to have to answer this questionnaire.
  • Show Questionnaire - How often you want this questionnaire to be displayed to the same person.

You will now be able to manage the question tree of your questionnaire.

Custom Questionnaire Questions

To get started click the green Create a New Question button.

Question - Enter the question that will be asked.

Question Type - Select the Question Type from the following options:

  • Text - A free text field that a person uses to answer the question limited to 100 characters.
  • Paragraph Text - A large free text field that a person uses to answer the question limited to 500 characters.
  • Multichoice - More than one option can be chosen by the person.
  • Single Choice - A person chooses one option from a list of choices.
  • Waiver - Text that a person reads and then chooses an answer to accept the waiver.
  • Image Waiver - Images appear that a person needs to acknowledge by choosing an answer. You can add multiple images to any question.
    Please Note: Images must be in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif file format and be smaller than 3000 x 3000 pixels.
  • Video - A video for the person to watch and then acknowledge by choosing an answer.
    Please Note: Videos must be embedded links from either YouTube or Vimeo hosting sites.

Options Available - Use this section to add the potential answers to your question. This option is compulsory for Single and Multi Choice questions, optional for waivers, and does not appear for text options (due to the answer needing to be written manually) If you do not provide any options for waivers, people will simply select the continue button when they are ready for the next question.

  • To add an option for an answer to your question, click Add an Option.
  • To move the order of the answers click and drag the blue button.
  • To delete an option use the red button. 

Compulsory Question - You can make the question compulsory, meaning that it cannot be skipped, by ticking this box.

Answer Share - By ticking the Answer Share box the answer to this question is sent to the host of the visitor or service provider if applicable.

Question Timeout - How long the kiosk can stay idle until it automatically times out. This is originally set to the kiosk default.

Question Pause Time - How long the kiosk will freeze on this question before being able to continue. This is used to stop people from simply skipping to the next question without fully reading.

Parent Question - If this question being asked depends on the answer to a previous question, select that answer here. This option is used to create question trees for different people, or for follow up questions potentially asking for more detail.

Organizing Your Questionnaire

From the question overview screen, you can see the list of questions and the order they appear in. Nested questions are positioned under their parent question, indented, and displaying the answer which leads to that question.

Questionnaire Questions - The first column is the name of the question, the second column is the type of question, and the third column is the number of answer options if applicable.

Question Order - You can arrange the order your questions appear in by using the Enable Sorting button.

  1. Click Enable Sorting
  2. Hold and Drag the Finished Sorting button to move questions
  3. Click Finished Sorting when you're finished

You can only move questions that are under the same parent question at one time.

Previewing - You can preview your questionnaire to ensure it is set up correctly by using either the Touch Screen Kiosk Preview or the Standard PC Kiosk Preview button depending on the kiosk type you are using. You can also see your question tree more clearly by clicking the View Questionnaire Tree button to ensure all questions are nested correctly.

When you have finished adding questions and editing positions, click the Back to Questionnaire Manager button to return to the Kiosk Custom Questions page, all changes are saved automatically. You will be able to edit your questions using the green Manage buttons until it has been answered.

Activating Your Questionnaire

A custom questionnaire stays inactive until it has been activated on a Kiosk. From the Kiosk Custom Questions list:

  1. Select Sign In/Out Kiosks from the left-hand menu.
  2. Click View next to your Kiosk.

  3. Select the Question Rules tab.


Create a question rule if you have not yet done so. If you have skip to the Activate Questionnaire section.

Create Question Rule

  1. Click Add Rule.

  2. Set the From field to Off-site.
  3. Set the To field to On-site.

    Please Note: This will activate your questionnaire for sign in. To activate for sign out reverse the field inputs.
  4. Ensure the Location Defaults option is ticked.


Activate Questionnaire

  1. Click View on your rule.

  2. Drag your questionnaire from the Available pool to the Enabled at this Kiosk pool.
  3. If you have multiple questionnaires you can sort them by clicking and dragging within the pool.

  4. Click Save and Close.

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Cloning Your Questionnaire

Cloning your custom questionnaire is an extremely useful feature for many reasons.

  • Creating a duplicate questionnaire for different person types
  • Setting up the same questionnaire for different locations
  • Creating a new questionnaire with elements of the original you want to keep
  • Restoring archived questionnaires

Clone to Same Location

To clone your active custom questionnaire in the same location, from the Kiosk Custom Questions page, click the orange Clone button next to any questionnaire, then click OK on the pop-up asking 'Are you sure you want to clone this Questionnaire?'.


You will see a new custom questionnaire appear as inactive and able to be managed, the name of this questionnaire will be the original name with (Copy) at the end. The questionnaire name is displayed on your kiosk when signing in, so you may want to change this before activating it.

Clone to New Location

To clone a custom questionnaire to another location, select the questionnaire using the checkbox, from the Run an Action menu select Clone to Location, select your location, click Run Action.

The new custom questionnaire will appear in this section in your chosen location in the same format as above.


Clone to Restore Archived Questionnaire

You can restore an archived custom questionnaire through cloning. To clone an archived questionnaire, change the status of the search field to Archived and click Search.

Clone the archived questionnaire by clicking the orange Clone button, then click OK on the pop-up asking 'Are you sure you want to clone this Questionnaire?'.

The original questionnaire will remain in the archived section, but a new duplicate questionnaire will appear under the 'Available' status for you to work with.

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Editing Your Questionnaire

You can edit your questionnaire at any time by clicking Manage next to the questionnaire.


If you have not activated the questionnaire, you can edit any aspect of it without issue before doing so.

Published Questionnaires

If you have previously or currently activated the questionnaire, you will need to re-publish the questionnaire once changes are made.

  1. Click Manage next to the questionnaire.
  2. Click Continue on the confirmation pop-up.

  3. Make any changes.
  4. Click Close this Message on the confirmation pop-up. This will only appear after the first change is saved.

  5. Click Publish Questionnaire.

  6. Click Confirm on the confirmation pop-up. This will automatically publish the updated questionnaire and replace the old version which will be archived.

Please Note: If you do not click Publish Questionnaire, the status will change to Not Published and the original questionnaire will not be replaced.

If you do not want to immediately publish the new version, you can do so at any time by returning to the manage questionnaire page and clicking Publish Questionnaire.

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