Changelog 32: New Triggers, Document Storage for Courses and more...

Features Released

Welcome to the second release update for 2017. Today's release statement includes support for some amazing new triggers. Check out the 'employee host off-site' trigger. Also in this release you can now upload Induction Course material (documents) for external and internal courses. We also fix some some minor bugs and deliver some nice enhancements to existing features.



Employee Host Offsite Trigger when Visitor Signs In

Imagine being able to advise your visitor that the employee host they selected on sign-in is 'Out of Office'. Wouldn't be equally awesome if you could alert one of their colleagues of their arrival?. Now you can with a great new Trigger.
In this example below I name my trigger 'Employee Out of Office' and the event is set to 'Visitor Sign-in'
My rule is set as follows: Visitor - Host Status is the following Off-site
Your Actions can be anything you wish. You can:
  • Send an email and/or text (sms) message to the visitor
  • Send an email and/or text (sms) message to the 'Host's colleagues'
  • Have a pop appear on the kiosk advising the visitor that their host has been alerted but that the host is also currently out of office.
  • and more...
You decide. Simple. Easy. Awesome

Improve Site Security with Zone Triggers

If you are tracking which Zone a visitor, service provider, or employee is visiting you can now trigger specific Zone Presence related messages. For example; let's say you wanted to advise a visitor that they cannot use their camera when visiting the Zone called: Senior Management Zone. Let me show you how:

In this example I have created a Trigger for when visitors sign in. I have named it Zone Entrance .

The Rule I am applying is 'Visitor - Zone' is the following 'Main Building - Level 2, Senior Management'

And the Action I am applying is a text message (sms) to the visitor who is signing in to advise them of certain rules they must adhere to based on the fact they are visiting a member of staff who is likely to escort them through 'sensitive areas' within our office.



Add Documents to your External and Internal Courses

An External or Internal Induction Course is one which is not created using WhosOnLocation's Wol eLearning tools. The content for an External or Internal Induction Course is created using other programs like Microsoft Word, JPG or PNG Images, or PDF. An External or Internal Induction Course could also be an electronic online course delivered using another program or via an in-class environment facilitated via a presenter or moderator.
WhosOnLocation allows you to setup these courses in your account and record if a person has completed the course or not. We have had requests from many users asking that they be permitted to upload a copy of the course material as a PDF or other file format - this is now supported.
When creating an External or Internal course you will now see a Documents button. Simply select to upload course material.





Scan Out Visitors Using their Assigned ID Card

Don't confuse this with a Visitor Badge. A Visitor Badge is what you issue a visitor from say a Dymo or Brother printer. It is printed directly from the WhosOnLocation application.
A Visitor ID Card however is issued to your Visitor by a receptionist or security guard and is typically printed and created by a product outside of WhosOnLocation. They do not tend to be paper-based but are more likely to be a more permanent, reusable, plastic PCV type ID Visitor Identification card (possibly a CR80 sized card printed from an ID Card Printer). Your receptionist or security guard more than likely has a draw full of them, ready to pass out to visitors as they sign in - each one probably has a unique number.
Prior to today's release you could issue your visitor with a Card and record or scan the ID Card Number into their visitor profile. But on departure the ID Card could not be scanned to facilitate a quick sign-out at the kiosk. With today's release you now can. Fast, Simple, Efficient.

Are you parked in the Car Park?

When a visitor is presented with this question the app automatically selected 'No' as the default answer.
Best practice dictates that visitors should answer the question themselves as opposed to the app giving them a 'default' answer and them just agreeing. The change we have applied sees the visitor presented with 'Yes' or 'No' as possible answers but neither is pre-selected for them. The visitor must answer the question themselves by selecting an option before proceeding. The objective with this change is to add more integrity to the car park occupancy reports our users are looking at.

Acknowledgement Notices - Archive Date no longer required

From time to time there may be a compliance obligation on your organization to advise employees and/or service providers of a hazard onsite or an upcoming 'change' to operating procedures. Furthermore you may wish to have people 'confirm' they understand the notice so that you can report acknowledgements during an audit. An Acknowledgement Notice is a one-off message you can post to your kiosks so that when employees or service providers sign in they are presented with the notice and must acknowledge it.
When setting up an Acknowledgement Notice notice you must select a Publish Date; this being the date the Notice is visible and presented to people as they sign in. Prior to today's release you also had to enter an 'Archive Date'; this being the date the Notice was 'un-published'.
With today's release 'Archive Date' is no longer mandatory; meaning you can post an Acknowledgement Notice and have it published in effect 'until further notice'.



Bugs and Fixes

Changing Course Types from Wol eLearning to External or Internal now Prohibited

We had reported instances of users creating Wol eLearning Online induction courses, creating content and then inviting people to complete the course. They subsequently changed the course 'Type' to an External or Internal course and then back again. This resulted in lost Expiry Dates for those learners that had completed the course when it was Type = Wol eLearning - this is now fixed.
We have embeded a new rule into the Induction Course Add-on that prohibits a user changing the Type from Wol eLearning to any other. If you create a course and assign it the type 'Wol Elearning' and then decide later it is supposed to be an 'External' or 'Internal' course simply delete the Wol eLearning course and create a new course with the correct Type assigned. Note: You can still change External to Internal and vice versa.

Renaming Pages in Induction Courses results in image loss

When a user renames a Page within an eLearning Induction Course, some images used as 'content' within the course were removed. This was unique to Firefox and Chrome users - this is now fixed.

WolMobile Users Changing Time Onsite Not Saving

When contractors (service providers) use WolMobile to sign onto site many of our customers require the contractor to tag their Expected Duration Onsite (1 hr, 2 hrs, 3 hrs, etc...). If they subsequently need to adjust their expected Duration Onsite they can do so by selecting the countdown timer button on WolMobile. They then adjust their expected Duration Onsite. When doing this the new time was not saving and resetting. - this is now fixed.

Induction Renewal Notices Incorrectly Sent

We had reported instances where some contractors, who had already passed a course version (say 1.1), and who had subsequently passed version 1.2 (say 6 months later) were being sent a renewal notice for the first version (1.1) - this is now fixed.
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