Changelog 33: Integrations and Calendar Invites

Features Released

Welcome to the third update for 2017. We are very pleased to announce the release of our new Integrations platform as well as the release of our first in-app Integration; Calendar Invites.



Integrations Platform

Today's release update includes a new area of WhosOnLocation called 'Integrations'.

WhosOnLocation Integrations picks up where regular WhosOnLocation ends. With integrations, you can improve efficiency and productivity - and extend the power and value of your WhosOnLocation experience. We have some great integrations coming in including Webhooks, Slack, Brivo (cloud access control), and many more.  Today we announce the release of our first Integration; Calendar Invites (see below).

Account Owners and IT Support Role users will find the new Integrations function under Tools > Account > Integrations.

Calendar Invites (an Integration)

WhosOnLocation’s Calendar Invites feature allows you to automatically create pre-registered visitors from any calendar event.

Now, employees using the world’s most common calendars like Outlook and Google Calendar automatically create pre-registered visitors in their organization’s WhosOnLocation account when inviting attendees to a meeting. Reception lobby and security teams gain full visibility of visitors and other guests coming onsite based on the attendees invited to Calendar events by the organization’s employees.

Available with every Plan as a free Integration.

Learn how to enable Calendar Invites here 
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