Changelog 34: QR/Barcode for WolPass, Induction Kiosks, System Status Portal, and more..

Features Released

Today, Monday March 6th, we announce our 5th release for 2017. In this update we are pleased to bring you several great new features; all designed to improve your effectiveness, productivity, and ROI on your WhosOnLocation investment: QR/Barcode for WolPass, Induction Kiosks, a Service Provider Help option for Service Providers having trouble signing in to any kiosk, a new Quick Sign-out option enabling visitors to sign-out using their first or last name only, a Quick Search Help tool for all users, giving them faster access to help and support, a new option within your Basic Questions for Employees offering flexible options when employees sign-in using a Token (card), and a new System Status portal. We have also included in today's release a range of enhancements and fixes across several areas of the app. 

What is awesome is that all of these features are available and included in every Plan from today.


User Role Name Change and Kiosk Naming Convention Change

  1. Location Manager renamed to Sign In/Out Manager: We changed the name of this User Role to better reflect the actual purpose and function of the role. It seems a minor adjustment but it makes sense with our next change.

  2. Visitor Kiosks renamed to Sign In/Out Kiosks: Given kiosks can actually be setup to have visitors, service providers, and employees sign in and out, the term 'Visitor Kiosks' did not reflect the duel-purpose nature of the many and varied kiosks deployed by our user community.

  3. Visitor Notifications renamed to Sign In Notifications: To align with the above changes we have renamed the 'Visitor Notifications' settings function to 'Sign In Notifications'. Another reason for making this change is that there other types of visitor notifications available within Triggers. This change gives clarity to the function and its sole purpose; that being where Administrators configure sign in notifications.

QR/Barcode for WolPass

We want to help you create great visitor experiences and from today your visitors can scan in using their phone or printed WolPass.


Add a QR Code or Barcode (or both) to your WolPass template. Its easy, takes literally seconds - and speeds up the visitor sign-in and out process.

What's next for WolPass?

When you pre-register visitors directly through the WhosOnLocation app, or you pre-register them automatically when you add them as an attendee in your Outlook, Google Calendar etc, using our Calendar Invites integration; the visitor's WolPass is not automatically sent. The employee who invites the visitor must login to WhosOnLocation, review their list of pre-registered visitors and manually select a 'Send WolPass' button.

What if every time you pre-registered a visitor, no matter the method, and as long as you had the visitor's email address, their WolPass was automatically sent to them? No manual process to follow. Simple, seamless, efficient.

The next update to WolPass will include a setting option that will enable automatic sending of the WolPass to the pre-registered visitor. The timing of this release is scheduled for Q2, 2017.

Induction Kiosks

Included in today's update is the release of a new option for inducting your service providers and employees. Previously you could only send an 'invite' link to your learners. This allows them to complete a course on their PC or cell phone. Today we add Induction Kiosks - a great way to induct service providers and employees onsite.


When your service providers sign-in to a Sign In/Out Kiosk several scenarios can play out. Here are just three (3) as an example:


  1. They find their name registered and can sign in successfully.
  2. They find their name registered but are denied access to the location because they are either 'Not Inducted' on a specific course or their Induction has expired and requires 'renewing'.
  3. They can't find their name when signing-in, suggesting they are an un-registered contractor.

If you setup and use Triggers you could have one or more of your colleagues notified when scenario 2 occurs above. They can come down to the kiosk where the person is having an issue signing-in. Knowing they cannot sign-in because they are not inducted, up until today's release, required you to return to your PC, login to WhosOnLocation, and assuming you are an Induction Manager, find the service provider, and then send them a link to complete the course. Now assuming the service provider has a smartphone on them they could complete the course in your reception area right there on their phone - and once completed sign-in. But this process can be time-consuming.

Today we deliver Induction Kiosks, a great way to improve the efficiency of dealing with scenario 2. 

When you receive that Trigger notification telling you John Smith from John's Electrical is downstairs but can't sign-in due to his confined spaces induction course not having been completed, you can pop down and sit him at an Induction Kiosk, which you have conveniently located in a quiet room, where they can complete any Courses required of them. To easy. No need to return to your PC to send them an invite link.

Adding to the coolness of this feature is your Induction Kiosk (s) can be duel person type enabled; meaning they can also be used by employees, should you want to manage their training through WhosOnLocation.

Learn more

Hey! What about Scenario 3 where John is not even registered in the system yet?

Check out the Service Provider Help feature below. It's the first of many enhancements in the next few months that will result in 'service provider self-registration'.

Service Provider Help

Sign In/Out Kiosk and Induction kiosks only permit active service providers to sign-in. If they are not active or not registered as a service provider member, the kiosk will display a 'Name not Found' message. (Check out Scenario 3 described above). The service provider can try again (maybe they typed their own name incorrectly, or entered a nickname) but if the 'Name Not Found' error message still displays what can they do?

Up until today's update nothing really. They can contact their known site contact but if they are not available then they are left to sign-in as a Visitor, or bypass your sign-in process or induction course (s) altogether.

Today we release 'Service Provider Help' for both the Sign In/Out Kiosk and new Induction kiosks.

How does it work?

Have non-active and/or non-registered service providers request help right from the Kiosk screen. If they can't find their name they can now select Help, located in the footer of the kiosk screen. Here they can follow some simple steps which will result in specific people, that you nominate, being notified that a person is at a specific kiosk, at a specific location, and needs assistance.

Learn more about how to enable this feature on an Induction Kiosk

Learn more about how to enable this feature on a Sign In/Out Kiosk

This feature is designed to reduce any on-site frustrations that can occur when a service provider is not registered and needs assistance but the kiosk area is not manned or attended to by a receptionist or security team member.

Quick Sign Out Option - First or Last Name Required Only

OK we hear you - why can't my visitor sign out by just entering their first or last name on the kiosk? Well we believe visitor privacy should be non-negotiable.

A key part of the structure of the app is to limit (impossible to mitigate fully) the propensity for people to see the names of other visitors onsite. We did this by forcing the visitor to enter their full first and last name. The statistical probability that two visitors called 'Michael Williams' are onsite at the same time are next to zero however; in the scenario where there are then we simply listed their respective organization's name alongside their own names so they could determine the correct one to select when signing out.

However, not everyone loves this forced rule that the visitor must enter both first and last name when signing out. So in today's release we give administrators the ability to set 

There are two (2):

  1. Require exact match Full Name (this is the default and 'full' means first and last name)
  2. Require exact match First Name or Last Name.

BEWARE: We do want to point out that should you have say the following visitors onsite:

  • Michael Williams from US Legal Inc
  • Michael Jones from Classic Engineering Inc
  • Michael Clarke from ABC Corp
  • Sarah Williams from Media Inc

... and you set the rule to: Require exact match First Name or Last Name

then anyone signing-out that enters 'Michael' will be presented with:

  • Michael Williams from US Legal Inc
  • Michael Jones from Classic Engineering Inc
  • Michael Clarke from ABC Corp

and anyone signing-out that enters 'Williams' will be presented with:

  • Michael Williams from US Legal Inc
  • Sarah Williams from Media Inc

Obviously in both these scenarios the visitor would select their profile to sign out however you are, by selecting this option potentially displaying other visitors names to a wider audience. That said; you asked for the option and we have delivered.

To set this option up just go to: Tools > Locations > View > Sign In/Out Kiosks select a kiosk and then the Mode tab and make your selection in the field titled: Visitor Sign Out Options

New In-app Quick Search Help Tool

We wanted to make it easier for users to access answers to questions about WhosOnLocation features and functions. We are pleased to bring you our new in app Quick Search Help tool.

You will find this by selecting Help, located in the upper toolbar and choosing the first option titled: Quick Search Help.


This will bring up the Quick Search Help window in the bottom right corner of your screen. Here we present the Top Results based on user activity. You can immediately enter your question or problem and search for articles. We also placed a Contact Us option inside the tool should you not find what you are looking for.


We trust this makes it much easier to access self-help and also, when required, make it easier for you to request assistance from our customer support team.

Note: You can still access the full Helpdesk by selecting Help and then the second option titled Visit the Helpdesk.

New Options for having Employees answer Questions when signing-in using a Token

When employees sign-in to site via a Kiosk using a Token, this being a Card with Barcode or RFID enabled, this simply tagged them on or offsite; no questions asked.

With today's release you can still keep it simple, allowing employees to simply tag on / tag off. But you can also require your employees to answer basic questions each time they tag on.

Learn more

System Status

As part of our on-going improvement of all areas of our operation today we release our System Status Portal. This can be found in the footer of the application screen.

Instead of replying to the entire organization when WhosOnLocation has a disruption to services, you can now view real-time status updates. On our System Status Portal we will post in detail about specific downtime incidents. We also list the availability and historical incidents of each regional production environment -- so if one region of WhosOnLocation, say Europe, is down but all of the other regions are working, our engineers will indicate exactly what’s going on.


Whilst you can access the System Status Portal from the footer in the application we do recommend you save to your browser Favorites and Bookmarks so that you can view our System Status and access updates in times of maintenance or disruption to our services.


New Status display in WolPass Manager

In the WolPass management section, a new column has been added to display the current status of each WolPass. This is an improvement to fix confusion around the current enabled/disabled button. Below is an example of how this might be displayed for a variety of locations.



New 'Yesterday' Date picker for Induction Courses

When adding an Induction Course to an employees or service providers profile we have added a shortcut link titled 'Yesterday'.



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