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Adding a QR or Barcode to your WolPass

In this article we explain how to add a QR/Barcode to your WolPass to give visitors the ability to sign in/out using the QR/Barcode included in the WolPass. You must have a scanner installed on your Kiosks or on the Receptionist's PC for this feature to be useful.  You must have the WolPass Manager user role to enable this feature.

Having large groups of visitors signing-in through your kiosk can be time-consuming. Our recommendation is that you have your employees pre-register visitors via our Calendar Invites integration or by pre-registering visitors through the WhosOnLocation app itself.

When visitors arrive onsite your receptionist, who has full visibility of all pre-registered visitors, can sign-in them in. Alternatively your visitors can sign-in via the kiosk but as stated previously, this can be time-consuming for your visitors as they have to enter their name and other details.

We have solved this..... now with the QR code or Barcode on the WolPass... your pre-registered visitors can simply scan in quickly and easily!


Enabling the QR or Barcode

1. Go to Tools > WolPass Management

2. Click View next to the WolPass you want to manage

3. Select the QR/Barcode tab

4. Enable either QR Code or Barcode by toggling it to Yes


Please Note: While you can have both a QR Code and Barcode on the same WolPass the option (s) you select should be tested against the scanners you have installed on your Kiosks or at Reception.

5. Click Preview to see an on-screen preview of the new layout of your WolPass

6. Click Save & Close to save your changes and return to the WolPass Management screen or click Next to continue making changes to your WolPass

When your pre-registered visitors receive their WolPass it will now include a unique QR/Barcode. They can then use this to scan-in when signing into your location. They will still need to answer any questions that have not been filled in during the pre-registration process, including all custom questions.

Your pre-registered visitors can also scan their QR/Barcode to sign-out of your location.

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