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Favorites is a feature that allows you to add the most common screens you access to your personal Favorites list. In the upper right corner of most screens in your WhosOnLocation account you will find the icon.

To add the screen to your Favorites list just select the  icon, give your screen a short name (the app will add a default name) and save.

To access any saved Favorite just select the Favorite icon in the upper toolbar.


Let's say you update your 'Welcome Greeting' for Service Providers daily. This requires an Administrator to login and:

  1. Select Tools > Locations
  2. Select the green View button beside the respective location
  3. Navigate to the 'Welcome Greeting' in the directory for that location
  4. Select the Service Provider Greeting you have setup

In effect - 4 clicks.

The next time you are on the Service Provider Greeting screen, add it to your Favorites. The very next time you need to update the Service Provider Greeting its now only 1 click away under your Favorites.

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