Step 7: Configuring the Help Request option for Service Providers on a Sign In/Out Kiosk

In this article we explain how to setup the Service Provider Help function You must have the Administrator role to see this and have Service Provider enabled under the Kiosk Mode.

Sign In/Out Kiosks only permit active Service Providers to sign-in. If they are not active or not registered as a Service Provider member, the kiosk will display a 'Name not Found' message. The Service Provider can Try Again (maybe they typed their own name incorrectly, or entered a nickname) but if the 'Name Not Found' error message still displays what can they do?

  • They can contact their known site contact but if they are not available then they are left to sign-in as a Visitor, or;
  • They can bypass your sign-in process or induction course (s) altogether.

Have non-active and/or non-registered service providers request help right from the Kiosk screen. If they can't find their name they can now select Help, located in the footer of the kiosk screen. Here they can follow some simple steps which will result in specific people, that you nominate, being notified that a person is at a specific kiosk, at a specific location, and needs assistance.


1. Select the tab Service Provider Help (this will only appear should you select Service Provider under the Kiosk Mode tab)

2. You can then notify the following people should any service provider select the Help button-

Send to this Employee: Select an employee from the list. You can choose any employee that is based at the location or any employee that has global roaming rights to the location. You can add up to 3 employees.

Send to this Non-Employee: You can enter the email address and/or mobile | cell number of someone not setup in your employee list.

3. Select Save

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