Step 3: Configure the induction kiosk mode

In this article we explain the steps for configuring the induction kiosk mode. You must have the Induction Manager user role assigned to see this function.

The kiosk mode refers to the types of learners that can sit inductions using this kiosk. These can be either employees or contractors.

You may not see contractors as an option as this is an add-on that may not be activated for your account.

To edit an existing kiosk:

  1. Go to Tools > Induction Management.
  2. Select Induction Kiosks from the menu on the left.
  3. Click View next to the kiosk you want to manage. 
  4. Select the Kiosk Mode tab.
  5. Select the people types that can complete courses using this kiosk.

  6. Click Next.
Next step: Configure the induction kiosk status notifications. Choose what notifications should send when a kiosk goes offline.