Step 4: Configure the induction kiosk status notifications

In this article, we explain the steps for configuring your induction kiosk status notifications. You must have the Induction Manager user role assigned to see this function.

Status notifications are sent to inform users when the kiosk has gone offline or comes online.

Offline notifications will inform selected users when the kiosk goes offline for longer than a selected period of time. This will ensure that if the kiosk loses internet connection or is logged out at an inappropriate time, someone is able to respond quickly.

Online notifications will inform users when the kiosk is brought online after being logged out for any reason. This is useful if there is a drop in connectivity for the kiosk and it comes back online before a response is needed. Or for security purposes to ensure the kiosk is only being brought online at appropriate times.

If you are editing an existing kiosk, navigate to Tools > Induction Management > Induction Kiosks and click View next to the kiosk you want to manage.

To add status notifications:

  1. Select the Status Notifications tab.
  2. Select Send Offline Notifications by ticking the checkbox. Once Offline Notifications have been selected, three more options will appear:

    Offline Time-out: Select the number of minutes a Kiosk must be offline for before the status notification is sent.

    Send to this Employee:
    Select an employee from the list. You can choose any employee that is based at the location or any employee that has global roaming rights to the location. You can add up to 3 employees.

    Send to this Non-Employee:
    You can enter the email address and/or mobile | cell number of someone not set up in your employee list.
  3. Select Send Online Notifications by ticking the checkbox.
  4. Click Next.

Once Online Notifications have been selected, the same options for sending to 3 employees and one non-employee appear as offline notifications.


Next step: Configure the induction kiosk contractor help option (if you've enabled the kiosk for contractors).