Step 5: Configuring the Induction Kiosk Service Provider Help Option

In this article we explain how to set up the Service Provider Help option on an Induction Kiosk. You must have the Induction Manager user role assigned to see this function.

Service Provider Help is used to send a message to chosen users when a service provider is having issues using your kiosk. This allows Service Providers to use the kiosk unattended but still be able to reach out if they require assistance.

Service Provider Journey

When a service provider is using the kiosk, they can use the Help button at any point which brings up this pop-up window:


If the Service Provider uses the 'My name can't be found' button they receive this message:


This allows them to simply re-enter their name if they may have misspelled it; otherwise, they can ask for contact in the same way as the original screen. They will be taken to this screen:


They can enter either their Mobile/Cell number or email address as their preferred means of contact. This will be included in the message sent to the help contact.

The Service provider then clicks Contact Me and is shown this message:


The message sent to the contact either by email or SMS is:

"A Service Provider has attempted to sign-in using the Induction Kiosk located at the Main Reception Location Access Control Point at Worldwide Headquarters.

Their contact details captured are:"

Followed by the preferred contact details entered by the Service Provider.

Setting up Service Provider Help

If you are editing an existing kiosk, navigate to Tools > Induction Management > Induction Kiosks and click View next to the kiosk you want to manage.

1. Select the tab Service Provider Help (this will only appear should you select Service Provider under the Kiosk Mode tab)

2. Enter the recipients of the help notifications. There are two types of people -

Send to this Employee: Select an employee from the list. You can choose any employee that is based at the location or any employee that has global roaming rights to the location. You can add up to 3 employees.

Send to this Non-Employee: You can enter the email address and/or mobile | cell number of someone not setup in your employee list.

3. Select Next or Save and Close


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