Step 6: Induction Kiosk Branding

In this article we explain how to brand your Induction Kiosk. You must have the Induction Manager user role assigned to see this function.

Follow the steps to bring your Induction Kiosk to life... you may choose to upload a company logo or background image. You can also change the default message that appears on the kiosk.



If you are editing an existing kiosk, navigate to Tools > Induction Management > Induction Kiosks and click View next to the kiosk you want to manage.

Branding Options

Organization Name - This will appear if there is no logo added to the kiosk

Organization Name Color - The color your organization name will appear in

Start Induction Button Color - The color of the kiosk's button

Start Induction Text Color - The color of the text on the kiosk's button

Start Induction Rename - The text on the kiosk's button

Information / Instruction - Information you want to appear under the kiosk's button

Service Provider Name - The name that service providers are called on your kiosk

Employee Name - The name that employees are called on your kiosk

Information / Instruction Color - The color of the information text

Information / Instruction Scroll - Select if you want the information to scroll across the screen

Information / Instruction Add Banner - Select if you want a dark opaque banner to appear across the screen under the button and information

Upload a Logo to Display - Upload a logo from your computer for your kiosk

Upload Background Images - One or more images, uploaded from your computer, that will form the background of your kiosk. If you upload more than one image these will cycle through every 30 seconds


Once you have set up your kiosk with your branding, you can see a preview of what it will look like by clicking Preview Kiosk. Please note that the kiosk may display different on different devices and screen sizes.

When you're finished, click Save and Close.

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