Induction kiosk FAQs

Here are some common FAQs on induction kiosks.

This article covers:

What is the recommended kiosk device? 

We recommend a standard Windows PC, with a keyboard and mouse. This is it is more comfortable to navigate through a course using a bigger screen.

How many induction kiosks can we have at a location?

You can have as many as you need.

Does it cost to add kiosks?

No - your subscription fee does not change. Other than the cost of the kiosk hardware itself, which is your responsibility – you can add as many kiosks as you like to your location without any impact on your WhosOnLocation subscription.

How do we log in to the Induction Portal when using the induction kiosk?

The kiosk must be connected to the internet with the homepage set to WhosOnLocation's login screen

Induction kiosks work the same as sign in/out kiosks:

  • Each kiosk has a unique username (email address), a password, and a PIN.
  • You log in using the induction kiosk credentials you create.

How do you customize your kiosk with your logo and other brand elements?

Administrators can add a logo and/or background image, as well as apply other branding elements to your induction kiosks under:

  1. Go to Tools > Induction Management
  2. Select Induction Kiosks from the menu on the left.
  3. Click View next to the kiosk. 
  4. Select the Layout tab.

How does a learner use the induction kiosk to access their courses?

Firstly they must be either:

  • An employee setup in your WhosOnLocation account or;
  • An 'active' contractor member setup in your WhosOnLocation account.

Assuming the induction kiosk is logged on to WhosOnLocation; the learner goes to the induction kiosk, then:

  1. Clicks Start Induction.
  2. Enters their name, then selects Next.
  3. They are presented with a list of people matching the name they entered and the organization the person works for. In most instances, the only name listed will be their own. Sometimes there are two or more learners with the same name so they will need to identify themselves using their organization.
  4. They are then presented with a 3-step process where they review their contact details, confirm the name of the organization they work for, then choose to watch a 'How the Induction Course Kiosk Works' video. 
  5. They'll then see a list of courses to complete.
  6. Select Start to commence any course not yet started or Renew if they need to renew a previously passed course.

Which courses are presented on the induction kiosk?

All of the courses where they are assigned as the learner. 

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