Step 2: Configuring the Induction Kiosk Settings

In this article we explain the steps for configuring your Induction Kiosk settings. You must have the Induction Manager user role assigned to see this function.

This is the login security information and location details for your induction kiosk, you can edit these settings at any time from this tab.

If you have just added a new kiosk you will be taken to this tab automatically after saving.

If you are editing an existing kiosk, navigate to Tools > Induction Management > Induction Kiosks and click View next to the kiosk you want to manage.

Induction Kiosk Settings

1. Select the Location

This is the location in which the Induction Kiosk will be based at. 

2. Give your kiosk a Unique Name (like 'Induction Kiosk')

Note: If you intend on deploying more than one induction kiosk you might name the first one "Induction Kiosk 1" and the second "Induction Kiosk 2" and so on for additional induction kiosks.

3. Assign your Induction Kiosk to an Access Point within your Location.

The access point is where the kiosk is physically located in your location. This is often 'Main Reception' but may be a side room or entrance to another area of the location like 'Warehouse'.

You can manage your list of access points for the location by going to Tools > Locations > View and on the left side of the screen in the Directory select Access Control Points and Zones.

4. Select the type of kiosk you are setting up

Standard PC with Keyboard and Mouse - Any Windows-based PC or Mac can be used as an Induction Kiosk

Touch Screen PC - Select this option if the kiosk is a touch-enabled windows tablet or PC.

Note: You can have a touch-enabled PC and still have a keyboard and mouse connected to give visitors the choice of their input method. You would still choose Touch Screen PC for this setup.

iPad - Select this option if your kiosk is an iPad. The iPad must have our WOLKiosk app installed from the Apple Store.

5. Set the Auto Time-out and Countdown

To protect contractor/employee data privacy when they are completing an induction, the process will timeout and return to the Induction Kiosk home screen after no activity has registered for this length of time.

Why set an Auto Timeout?

A Learner can begin a course but then part the way through stop to take a call or for some reason become distracted and move away from the Induction Kiosk; leaving potentially their personally identifiable information on the kiosk screen. In such circumstances the kiosk will return to the kiosk home screen state if it detects no activity (mouse click, a screen-touch, or keyboard insert) after the stated length of time you set here.

6. Give your Induction Kiosk a unique Login Email Address.

This does not need to be a registered email address within your email server or active directory instance. However the email domain must be one that matches your organization's employee email domains. So if your organization's email addresses are, we recommend something like

Note: Do not use your own email address for that of the induction kiosk. Every kiosk you setup must have a unique email address

7. Give your kiosk a unique Password

8. Re-enter the password to confirm it

9. Enter in a four-digit Pin Number that will be used to access the kiosk settings from within the kiosk and log out.

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