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In this article we answer some common FAQs you may have on WolPass.

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When pre-registering a visitor is it mandatory to enter the email address?

No. Unless the email address itself was set as a ‘required’ field by your Account Administrator.

If I record my visitor’s email address do I have to send the WolPass visit confirmation to the visitor?

No. You can capture the visitor’s email address for info purposes only. Whether you send them a confirmation is up to you. But obviously you cannot send them one if you don’t record their email address.

What happens if I am pre-registering a frequent visitor and their email address is not part of their frequent visit profile?

Edit the visitor’s record and simply add their email address. It will automatically update their frequent visitor profile at the same time.

If I have pre-registered a visitor group can I send it to all visitors in the group or can I just choose one or some of them to send the confirmation to?

It is completely your choice. You can send it to one, some, or all.

If I change the date of the visit event after I have sent out a confirmation can I resend it again with the new visit information?

Yes. Just go into your summary of Pre-registered Visitor events and select the sent button again and resend. The system will let you know that the event has changed since the last confirmation was sent.

Can a visitor use their WolPass to sign into our building or site?

Yes! Simply activate the QR/Barcode on the WolPass and they can use this to scan in and out either via a mobile device or by printing off the WolPass.

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