Deactivate a Panic Alarm

In this article we explain how to deactivate Panic Alarm from the Sign In/Out Manager. This is only used by those with the Sign In/Out Manager user role assigned.

Once a Panic Alarm has been triggered, regardless of whether it was triggered by a Sign In/Out Manager from their own PC or at a kiosk, you must deactivate the Panic Alarm once the Panic Alarm event is over. You may also wish to inform Panic Alarm Responders that are on their way that the Panic Alarm event is over if the event is a false alarm or in fact, is over.

It is important to deactivate the Panic Alarm as the activation and deactivation date and time are included in your Panic Alarm Report.

1. Select the Active Panic Alarm icon located in the upper toolbar


2. Select the blue Deactivate Panic Alarm Event button


3. Select the green OK button to confirm you wish to deactivate the Panic Alarm Event


Done. Your Panic Alarm Event is now finished.

You can view a Panic Alarm Event Report under Panic Alarm Reporting.

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