Changelog 35: Panic Alarm and so much more...

Features Released

Today, Monday March 20th, we announce our 6th release for 2017. In this update we deliver you a wonderful new safety and security feature designed to keep your people safe; Panic Alarm. We have also added Visitors to the Acknowledgement Notices feature, introduced a new option for an Acknowledgement Notice to be displayed when people sign out, not just when they sign in, and launched a new 'Actions' tool for Sign In/Out Managers.

We have also included in today's release a range of enhancements and fixes across several areas of the app. 

Again, as is the case with all of our features; they are available and included in every Plan immediately; ready for you to deploy.


Panic Alarm


Need to alert security or other employees of a high risk situation in the lobby or reception area? We have the solution! Panic Alarm triggers an immediate need for assistance and notifies the people in your organization that need to know.

Your receptionists, lobby concierge, and security personnel are the first people that your visitors and the general public get to see and speak to when visiting your premises.

In most situations the process is a pleasant one, with your receptionist welcoming the visitor, asking them to sign-in, offering them a coffee, tea, or water, and ensuring the visitor's host is aware that their guest has arrived. But not all visitor experiences go according to plan.

From time to time your receptionist may need to deal with a disgruntled visitor or member of the general public. As is often the case with receptionists they are in essence, lone workers. Their colleagues who work in back offices, on different floors etc... have no visibility of the reception area and would be unaware of any 'confrontation' occurring. 

How Does Panic Alarm Help

In the event your receptionist (or any Sign In/Out Manager) feels that their safety or security is, or could be, compromised they can trigger an immediate request for assistance; right from their own PC or from the visitor kiosk.

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Acknowledgement Notices for Visitors

From time to time there may be a need to issue a notice informing people of a specific new hazard that has just occurred, or an event that is happening today or tomorrow. Acknowledgement Notices support the presentment of such messages to employees, service providers (contractors), and as of today Visitors as they sign into your location.



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Acknowledgement Notices when People Sign Out

Up until today you could only present an Acknowledgement Notice to people as they sign into a location. With this update you can create and publish Notices that will be presented when a person signs out.


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Improve Site Security with our new Area/Zone Trigger Placeholders

We have added a new Placeholder titled Area/Zone signed into to the Trigger action options.

This will allow you to notify nominated people whenever a person signs into a specific area or zone within a location. Here is an example of the type of email you can setup using our Triggers feature.

Your visitor, {{}} from {{match.from}} has entered {{match.zone_name}}

New Duration On-site Trigger

We have added a new Trigger Rule titled: Duration on Site.

This will allow you to setup actions based on the Duration on Site a Visitor, employee, or service provider selects when signing in.

New 'Actions' button for Sign In/Out Managers

From today Sign In/Out Managers will find a new icon in the top right corner of the Sign In/Out Manager screen.


Selecting this icon will present a list of apps or widgets available to Sign In/Out Managers. Today there are only two:

  1. Panic Alarm
  2. Onsite Summary


We will be adding to these in the coming months.


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