Changelog 36: Deliveries and More Enhancements

Features Released

Today, Monday 3rd April, we announce our 7th release for 2017. In this update we launch Deliveries. This new feature will make the process of receiving deliveries more efficient and reliable. This release also includes some new trigger actions to make managing your account easier, along with a variety of other enhancements.

As always, these are free with every WhosOnLocation account, ready for you to use from today onwards.




Want a quick and easy way to be notified when parcels arrive? Or when catering is delivered for a meeting on-site? Introducing....Deliveries.

Delivery agents (FedEx, UPS, Couriers, Caterers, Flower Deliveries, etc.) can use the Kiosk or report to the Sign In/Out Manager (Receptionist, Security Guard, etc.) and select the recipient for the delivery, specify the type of delivery and whether or not a signature is required to receive the goods. This will then automatically notify the recipient(s) via email and/or text.

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New Trigger Actions

We have added trigger actions to automatically sign people in or out. These can be triggered at a specific time, or when specific people sign in or out.

Sign In People

You can trigger this action using any event and rule combination and can be used to sign in Employees or Service Providers.

Employees can be signed in by Department, Role Type, Individuals, or All.

Service Providers can be signed in by Organization, Individuals, or All.

For example, you may set it up so that when John Stevens the owner/operator of Stevens Scaffolding signs in, all of the other Service Provider Members from Stevens Scaffolding are signed in as well.


Sign Out People

You can trigger this action using any event and rule combination and can be used to sign out Employees, Service Providers, or Visitors.

Employees and Service Providers can be signed out in the same categories as signing in. The option for visitors being signed out is only All Visitors.

For example, you may set this trigger up to sign out all visitors at 6pm every day. Or to sign out all employees with the role type part-time once they have exceeded their expected duration on-site.



Cloning Triggers

We have extended trigger cloning to multiple locations to make setting up new locations even easier. Previously, you were only able to clone a trigger to one new location at a time, you can now select as many locations as you have in your account to clone a trigger to at once.


New Employee Status

We have released a new employee status that will tell you when an employee has clicked on their activation link but not yet signed into WhosOnLocation for the first time. This is an orange status called Activated and it means that the employee has activated their account and they can simply use the reset your password link if they forget their password instead of needing another login permission email sent to them.


Sign In/Out Kiosk Notifications

To make it easier, we have now bundled up the notifications you can activate in the Sign In/Out Kiosk setup. We have created one main tab for notifications, and sub-tabs for Status Notifications, Badge Pass Notifications, and Panic Alarm Notifications.


iPad Printing from IP Address

We've now made printing from an iPad to a Brother printer even more accessible by opening up the option to print directly to an IP Address.

Some commercial wifi networks can block our WolKiosk app from being able to connect with your Brother printer through the AirPrint system on the iPad. We have just released a solution for this giving you the ability to connect directly to the Brother printer using its IP Address. This can be set up in the kiosk settings in WhosOnLocation.

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