Deliveries Report

In this article, we explain the Deliveries Report. You must have the Reports user role assigned to access the Deliveries Report.

When a delivery is entered into WhosOnLocation using Deliveries, whether using the kiosk or sign in/out manager, it is automatically added to the Deliveries Report.

To access this report, go to Reporting in the top toolbar and select Deliveries Report.


As a Reports User you will be able to see the report for your home location. If you require access to other locations, you must be an Administrator for those locations.

To change locations, click the location's name at the top of the report and select from the dropdown menu.

Deliveries Report Fields


Date - The time and date the Deliveries feature was used to log a delivery.

Employee Received - The employee who received the delivery. This is used for Single Person deliveries only.

Packages - Single, for a single person delivery, or Multiple, for a multiple person delivery.

Delivery Type - The type of delivery that was received. Parcel(s), mail, flowers, food, or other.

Signature Required - Whether or not a signature was required for the delivery.

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