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In this article, we explain the features in the more action menu for Sign In/Out Managers. You must have the Sign In/Out Manager user role to use these features.

Sign In/Out Managers have access to a range of features including signing people in, entering their information, editing their information, signing people out, and seeing a report of everyone who has been in your location. These all revolve around letting people in and out of the location.

There are also some More Actions that Sign In/Out Managers have access to which are not specifically for this core role including Pre-Registering Visitors, seeing an On-Site Summary, logging Deliveries, and triggering a Panic Alarm.

You can access these features by clicking on the More Action button in the top right corner of the Sign In/Out Manager screen.


On-Site Summary

The On-Site Summary shows a quick overview of how many of each person type is currently signed into the location using WhosOnLocation and an overall number. It also shows how many visitors are still expected today (including those that have passed their expected time and not signed in).


When clicking on View next to any of the person types, you will be taken to a detailed look at the list of those people signed in or expected and the information entered for them.

You can also generate an evacuation report of all or specific people. Click the Evacuation Reports button and then select the people you want to report on. You are given the option of Off-Site Employees as well so you can see all of those employees who are not currently signed in.


When you have selected the people you want to report on, click View to export a PDF report.

Panic Alarm

If you ever feel that your safety or security is, or could be, compromised you can trigger a Panic Alarm from the More Actions menu. This will send out a request for assistance to the Panic Alarm Responders who are set up in the location settings.


Once your Panic Alarm event is over you, or any other Sign In/Out Manager, can de-activate the event from WhosOnLocation and those responders will be informed again.

Find out more About Panic Alarm from our Helpdesk.


When a delivery arrives at your location, you want to be able to notify the recipient as efficiently as possible, especially if it requires a signature. Using Deliveries, you can enter the recipient into WhosOnLocation, as well as the package type and if it requires a signature, and they will be automatically notified that a delivery has arrived with that information.


This also logs the delivery in WhosOnLocation so you can see when a delivery arrived and the details of it. You can see these, if you are a Reports User, under Deliveries Report.

Find out more About Deliveries from our Helpdesk.

Pre-Register Visitors

Sign In/Out Managers are able to pre-register visitors for any employee entered in WhosOnLocation for their location. This is particularly useful when visitors call the reception desk to arrange an appointment.


The Pre-Register Visitor function in Sign In/Out Manager acts as a quick link to the pre-register visitor section in WhosOnLocation that any user has access to. Here they can set up visits for any employee and add frequent visitors from their own frequent visitor list.

Find out more about Pre-Registering Visitors from our Helpdesk.

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