Deliveries Report

How to report on deliveries. User Role required to access this report: Reports User.

When a delivery is entered into WhosOnLocation using Deliveries, whether through a Kiosk or Sign In/Out Manager, it is recorded in the deliveries report.

To access this report, go to Reporting in the toolbar and select Deliveries Report.


Report Filters

The default report displays information for all deliveries to one location, you can filter this report to narrow the results displayed.

Location – The location where the deliveries were recorded.

Packages – Whether the delivery was a single package or multiple packages.

Delivery Type – The type of item being delivered.

Keyword Search – To search for specific words in the report, e.g. names or tracking numbers.


Please Note: When exporting your report, it will export based on the current filters.

Report Fields

The details included in the reports.

Date – The date and time the delivery was recorded.

Employee Received – The individual receiving the delivery, if a single package.

Packages – Either single or multiple packages.

Delivery Type – The type of item delivered.

Signature Required – Whether or not a signature was required for receipt of the delivery.

Sender – Optional field listing who the delivery was from.

Tracking Number – Options field listing the delivery’s tracking number.


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