Changelog 37: Global Roaming Calendar Invites, New Triggers, iPad Camera Scan, and More Enhancements

Features Released

Today, we announce our 8th release for 2017. In this update, we bring you numerous improvements across several areas of WhosOnLocation. Global Roaming Calendar Invites gives you the power to pre-register visitors across numerous locations using Calendar Invites. New Trigger Rules brings you increased security and customized notification options for your triggers. iPad Camera Scanning makes signing in even easier with less hardware as well as other Sign-In Experience improvements. These among other improvements to make your WhosOnLocation experience better than ever before.

Global Roaming Calendar Invites

We know that many of you are wide-spread organizations stretching across multiple locations with many staff working between those locations. With this in mind, we have released an improvement to our already popular Calendar Invites feature allowing you to pre-register visitors from your calendar across multiple locations in your organization.

Previously, when using Calendar Invites, you could only pre-register visitors for your Home location; now, by entering a location's name in the calendar's Location or Where field, you can pre-register visitors for that location. You can also set up, keywords which can be used as a substitute for the location's name, giving you further control over your invites.

Find out more - Global Roaming Calendar Invites

Trigger Rules

Custom Question Answers

You can now set triggers based on the answers to Kiosk Custom Questions.

These can be used for useful notifications when a visitor is coming on-site when the notification that is sent out depends on the answers to specific questions. E.g. Letting security know the visitor requires access to restricted areas.

They can also be very useful for safety and security reasons ensuring that a person has the correct Qualifications or Inductions required for the work they are doing. E.g. A service provider is working in confined spaces that day and doesn’t have the working in confined spaces qualification they are denied entry and receive a message letting them know to contact the site manager.


Number of Days Visited Location

If your organization has restrictions around how often a person can visit your location within a certain time period, you can now set up these restrictions using Triggers.

You can use this to deny access to visitors or service providers that have tried to sign into your location too many times in over a specified period. Or you can simply inform security that someone is signing in a lot over a short time to investigate further.


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iPad Camera Scan

We have now released scanning using the iPad camera for WolKiosk (Version 1.97). With this enabled your pre-registered visitors, service providers, and employees can sign in and out by scanning a QR Code in front of the iPad’s front-facing camera instead of entering their name and finding themselves on the kiosk.


We have also released initial support for QR Codes on badge passes with a limited number of DK22205 Brother label templates being supported for this function currently.

Please Note: The iPad Camera Scan is designed for scanning QR Codes. Barcodes may still work but will have limited functionality using this feature.

Find out more - iPad Camera Scan

Experience

We have released more options to make your sign-in experience more customizable for your organizations.

Rename Visitor and Employee

You can now rename the Visitor and Employee people types on your kiosk Sign-In screen. This option is available under Kiosk Branding.


Disable Host Remembrance

You can now disable the feature that will remember a returning visitor’s previous host employee. If you have a returning visitor search enabled, but your returning visitors are often seeing new host employees, then you will want to disable this. You can access this setting in the Questionnaire Manager under Basic Questions Visitors > Other Options.




We have added a reference field for Qualifications so you can enter a specific qualification’s reference for your records.

We have also introduced Qualification Expiry Notifications so you can automatically notify Qualification Owners and Holders that their qualifications are about to expire and prompting them to update this.


Disable Notifications

You can now disable employees’ visitor notifications in bulk using the Run Action menu in the Employee list. You can disable the Email and/or SMS notifications making it faster and easier than ever to manage your employees.


Service Provider Member List

We have updated the Service Provider Member list to show more information about the organization a member belongs to. If a member belongs to only one organization, the list will now display that organization rather than the digit 1. If a member belongs to more than one organization this column will still show a digit indicating how many organizations the member belongs to.


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