Service Provider Portal Administration

Configure the settings for your organization's Service Provider Portal. You must have the Service Provider Manager user role assigned to access these settings.

Your organization's Service Provider Portal is controlled as much as possible by your organization. This means that you choose who has access to it, what they can see and change, and what terms they must agree to before access is granted.

The Portal Administration area in your WhosOnLocation account is where you configure the settings for your Service Provider Portal. There are five sections to set up:

Portal Users

Data Access Permissions


Terms of Use


Please Note: If you are a contractor and wanting information around how to use the portal, please refer to the Helpdesk article, Introduction: Service Provider Portal from a Contractors Perspective.

Accessing Portal Administration

To access your Portal Administration section, you must have the Service Provider Manager (Administrator) user role assigned. For more information on the Service Provider Manager user roles, have a look at Granting Service Provider Manager User Role rights.

With this role assigned, go to Tools > Service Provider Manager > Portal Administration (from the left-hand menu).

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