Introduction: Service Provider Portal for Contractors

In this section, we explain the purpose of the Service Provider Portal from a contractor or vendor's perspective and explain the initial steps to gain access. You must have been invited by a customer to log into their portal.

What you need to know

WhosOnLocation is a cloud application service used by thousands of organizations around the world to record, store, and manage their contractor and vendor information. In most countries organizations are obligated to keep accurate records about who they do business with, if they have the right insurances, qualifications, and contract information in place, and more....

Some of our customers have such a high number of contractors and vendors that maintaining accurate records is incredibly time-consuming, prone to error, and costly for them. For that reason they allow their most trusted contractors and vendors to access their own data via the 'Service Provider Portal'. This enables the contractor or vendor to update and maintain critical records themselves.

Do you have access to your data?

If you are a contractor or vendor to an organization that is using WhosOnLocation, they may have invited you to look at the information they hold about you. Furthermore they may have granted you the ability to update, amend, or remove certain information. They do this by granting one or more of your people access to their 'Service Provider Portal'. We refer to people with access as 'Portal Users'.

We assume this is you and that is why you are looking at this article.

What sort of records can be managed in the Portal?

  1. Contact Information
  2. Insurance Information
  3. Lists of your employees that go on site to your customer's offices and locations
  4. The qualifications that your employees must hold (relevant to their work for your customer)
  5. Induction records
  6. Contracts Information

Your Portal also supports 'document' uploads.

You can also upload 'evidence' of an insurance that you have in place, or 'evidence' that an employee holds a specific qualification', or 'evidence' that you have certain contract related information documented. We explain how to upload documents in the relevant section where 'supporting documentation' is available.

In the following guides you will learn, as a Portal User, how to view, update, or remove information about your own organization. Remember; one or more of your own customers has invited you do this because they themselves have to keep accurate records about your organization.

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