Sending WolPass Visit Reminders

How to set up your WolPass to automatically send a reminder email confirmation about their visit. You must have the WolPass Manager user role assigned to access this add-on.

Sending a WolPass to your visitors as soon as you have created an event is a great way to confirm their visit. However, by the time they are due to visit, this WolPass can easily get lost in their inbox. To solve this, you can automatically resend your WolPass as a visit reminder prior to the event up to 3 times.

Not only does this help the visitor when they are making plans for their visit, it also means that when they arrive on-site and want to use their WolPass to sign in, it's at the top of their inbox making their visit easier and a better experience.

Please Note: These settings will apply for all WolPasses sent, if you only want to send reminders to select visitors you can still do this manually through Sign In/Out Manager and My Pre-Registered Visitors.

How To Enable

1. Go to Tools > WolPass Management

2. Click View next to your WolPass

3. Select the Reminder tab


Please Note: All time periods are prior to scheduled visit time.

4. Select the First Reminder timing from the dropdown

5. Select the Second Reminder timing from the dropdown

Please Note: The second reminder must be sent after the first. If you only want one reminder, please set this as the first reminder and leave the second as Does Not Apply.

6. Select whether you want to send a Final Reminder 1 hour before the event

7. Click Save or Save & Close

The WolPass reminder will now be sent automatically for any WolPasses that are originally sent if they are prior to the chosen timings. You can send a WolPass automatically or manually, depending on your WolPass settings.

The reminder will not send if no WolPass was originally sent.

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