Changelog 40: WolPass Reception Support, and Auto Sending

Features Released

Today, Tuesday 20th June, we are pleased to announce our new features. WolPass Reception Support, and Auto Sending. These two great feature enhancements follow on from yesterday's release of WolPass Visit Reminders.

Let's look at today's two great features a little closer:

WolPass Reception Support

So you use WolPass; the feature that sends not only a confirmation of a visit to the visitor, complete with date, time, address and more... but also a QR code or barcode that they can use to scan in on arrival.

But there is a problem!

Until today the employee who pre-registered a visitor was the only user that could send the WolPass to the visitor.

  • If a receptionist or security team member pre-registers visitors on behalf of employees; the receptionist or security team were not able to send the WolPass. The employee host would have to login and send it.
  • If the employee pre-registered a visitor and forgot to send their visitor their WolPass, and subsequently asked the receptionist to do it for them, then again the receptionist was not able to.

With this latest release that has changed. Today we introduce the ability for reception and/or security teams to be able to send visitors their WolPass Visit Confirmations regardless of who pre-registers the visitor. 

How it works!

If you are using WolPass, Receptionists will see a new black 'Send Email' button in their list of pre-registered visitors.


Simply select this button.


Make sure the visitor's email address is complete. Then select Send


The pre-registered visitor list will update to reflect the fact the visitor has been sent their WolPass. Simple, easy, fast, efficient.

Automatically Send WolPass Visit Confirmations

To augment the collaborative nature of the above feature we also introduce today the ability for those employees pre-registering visitors directly from their Calendar (Outlook, Google etc...) to have the visitor's WolPass automatically sent. (If you have not heard of Calendar Invites you can see an introductory video here)

Let's take a closer look.

With this new feature; when you create a calendar invite in your Outlook, Google, etc.. calendar the visitor will receive their WolPass automatically. (This assumes your organization has enabled WhosOnLocation's Calendar Invites integration).

Click the Learn More below to go to the article explaining how to set up 'automated sending'. You will be able to choose when the automated send triggers.

  1. Once the Visitor completes their profile
  2. As soon as the event is created
  3. Do not send automatically (this option assumes you don't want WolPasses sent automatically and you would prefer your employee users to 'manually' send the WolPass via their WhosOnLocation account.
The deployment of the WolPass feature, Calendar Integrations, and the activation of both Automated Sending, and Reminders is a powerful visitor pre-registration suite of tools to deliver a great visitor experience as well as realize maximum productivity gains for your reception teams, employees, and their support teams.

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