Troubleshooting: Freezing Kiosks

We have identified a printing issue where the browser is completely freezing when attempting to print labels. This appears to only be affecting customers running Internet Explorer 11 and the MeadCo ScriptX version 8.0 and above.

The MeadCo ScriptX is our Advanced Printing plugin which was affected by the Windows Security Update in mid-June. The Windows Security Update is no longer a factor for our customers, however, there are some side-effects from our fix of this.

To fix a freezing kiosk, you will need to uninstall the MeadCo ScriptX program from your computer, then download and install a previous version. You can download the previous version here.

To fix labels printing too small, please refer to this article instead: Troubleshooting: Labels Printing Small

Please Note: You will need to have rights to download and install programs on your computer to fix this issue. If you do not have these rights, please get in touch with your IT team for access.

Uninstalling MeadCo ScriptX

First, you will need to uninstall this program from your computer using the Control Panel.

Please Note: Screenshots may differ based on your version of Windows.

1. Open the Control Panel on your computer

2. Go to Programs and Features (If you do not see Programs and Features you may want to use the 'View by' button to see all options)


A list of all installed programs will appear on the screen. In some cases, the screen will take up to 1 minute to list all programs.

3. Select MeadCo ScriptX


4. Click Uninstall

5. Click Yes on the pop-up


Please Note: If you have used Firefox in the past, there will be a MeadCo ScripXtra Plugin as well. You will need to uninstall this too.

Installing Previous Version of MeadCo ScriptX

You will need to first download the MeadCo ScriptX installer and then run the program to install.

1. Download this MeadCo ScriptX Installer

2. Open the installer and go through the install process


3. Open Internet Explorer

4. Log into your Kiosk

5. Go to Kiosk Settings

6. Set "Print visitor passes this session?" to Yes

7. Select the printer in the Advanced Printing Enabled section


8. Sign in a test visitor to test your printing

You may need to allow the MeadCo Script to run on Internet Explorer. To do so, go to the settings in Internet Explorer and select Manage Add-ons.


Select MeadCo ScriptX and set this to Enabled, then close the window. Refresh Internet Explorer and you should be able to print.

If you have any further issues, please get in touch with us by sending an email to or Submit a request above.

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