Brivo Setup - Step 6: Where are your Brivo Doors Located

How to match your Doors in Brivo to your WhosOnLocation account.

The Doors you have set up in your Brivo account are matched to LACPs in your WhosOnLocation account. This is because the LACP is used to identify Sign In/Out Kiosks and other areas that a person might sign into and out of a location.

You can match multiple doors to one LACP if this is the way your WhosOnLocation account is set up, but we recommend having a separate LACP for each door.

To match your doors to LACPs, simply select the corresponding LACP from the drop down list next to the door.


Once your doors are matched with your LACPs, click Continue.

Please Note: You can change these matches at any time once the setup is complete.

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