Changelog 41: New Notes Feature, and Contracts Management for Portal Users

Features Released

Today, Wednesday 28th June, we are pleased to announce our new Notes feature, plus we have added the ability for Portal users to manage Contract information, and we also give you the ability to upload 'document' based evidence that a person has completed their 'internal' or 'external' induction course.

Let's look a little closer at these great new features.

New Notes Feature for Service Providers

When information about a service provider doesn't fit into any existing field or feature, you can add that information into the new notes area.

This may include extra billing information, job descriptions, compliance information, or any miscellaneous information you want to record for a service provider.

You can add notes at either the organization or member level. Notes in an organization or member's profile can be added, edited, or removed by any Service Provider Manager with access to that organization.

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Add Document to a Learners Internal or External Induction Course Record

There are three types of induction courses:

  1. Internal: means the course material is created and delivered in-house. This could be a course delivered by your very own health and safety team using Slides, Video, Booklets or similar, or even an online course created using publishing tools in-house.
  2. External: means the course material is created and delivered by an external party to your own organization. This could be an online course created using 3rd party apps, or a course delivered by an external trainer.
  3. Wol eLearning: means the course material is created using the WhosOnLocation course creation and publishing tools. The course can then be shared with invited inductees to complete from their own PC, their mobile | cellular phone, or at an internet enabled PC or Tablet located within your own business.

From today you can now upload evidence, in the form of a document (PDF, WORD), against a Learners induction record for both Internal and External courses. These documents can be anything from a site-safe checklist to an in-depth workplace health and safety course and everything in between. These documents are stored for individual people and are linked to a specific induction course.

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Portal Users can now add Contracts

Portal Users can now add Contracts and supporting information. Previously the ability to add contracts and update information pertaining to a contract was limited to YOUR users. Now you can make contract information editable, read only, or hidden for your Portal Users.

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