Brivo Setup - Step 1: Confirm you are Ready

In this article we explain what is needed to start the Brivo setup. You must be the Account Manager or have the IT Support user role assigned to access these settings.

From the Enabled Integrations tab (under Tools > Account > Integrations), click Manage Settings next to the Brivo integration.


Please Note: From this point forward, you will see the steps you are going through along the top of the page. There are 8 steps in total.

In order to setup the link to your Brivo account you need three things:

  1. Your Brivo OnAir Administrator login.
  2. Make sure you have an account on the Brivo API Platform and have an API key.
  3. You must ‘authorize’ the WhosOnLocation Brivo Integration to link to your Brivo account.


When you have you login and API Key, and are happy to authorize this access, tick each of the boxes.

This will turn the grey Get Started button green, select this to begin the set up.

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