Brivo Setup - Step 2: Link to Brivo

How to link your Brivo account to WhosOnLocation. You must be the Account Manager or have the IT Support user role assigned to access these settings.

You can easily follow the steps on the left-hand side of the screen to link your accounts. These will be repeated below in further detail.

Click on any Show Me button to see an example of the associated instruction in your Brivo account.


Please Note: From this point on note you will be working in two browser tabs: WhosOnLocation and Brivo. You will be switching between these tabs in your browser.

Linking Brivo and WhosOnLocation

WhosOnLocation requires your Brivo Client ID, your Client Secret, and API Key.

A Client ID and Secret are obtained by creating an Application in Brivo OnAir. The steps on creating these are below.

An API Key can be obtained through request to Brivo.

Please Note: Some details that are unique to the Brivo or WhosOnLocation account have been blurred so that they are not mistakenly entered in your accounts.


  1. 1. Login to Brivo OnAir - You can do this by selecting the blue Brivo OnAir hyperlink, or going to, and entering your login details.

  2. Navigate to Setup > Account > Account Settings.

  3. Click on the Application Management tab.
  4. In the Create a New Application box fill in the new application with the Name and Description as "WhosOnLocation".

  5. Select the type of authentication you wish to use for the application, 3-Legged is recommended.


    your chosen authentication method to the Brivo OAuth Settings box on the right side of this wizard.

  6. If the 3-legged application type is selected you need to fill the Redirect URI (in Brivo). Copy the URI to the New Application in Brivo.

    The URI is listed in the WhosOnLocation instructions and is unique to your WhosOnLocation account.

  7. (In Brivo) Click Create Application to save.


    The new application will be created and listed under Account Owned Applications.

  8. Once created, clicking the small blue Application Details icon will display the Client ID and Secret.


    Copy these to the Brivo OAuth Settings box on the right side of this wizard.

  9. Assigned API Keys can be found in your account on the developer portal, copy this to the Brivo OAuth Settings box on the right side of this wizard.

    You can get to the Developer Portal by selecting the blue hyperlink, or going to, and entering your login details.

    Please Note: If you do not have a Brivo API Key, you will need to request this from Brivo.

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