Changelog 42: Print ID Cards & Portal User Document Enhancement

Features Released

We are pleased to announce a new Identity Management feature that allows you to print ID Cards for employees and service providers, right from your WhosOnLocation. No need for third party ID Card printing software. Another great way to leverage your investment in WhosOnLocation. We also release enhancements for Portal Users. They can now add documents to a qualification, induction, insurance or contract record.

Let's look a little closer at these great new features.

Printing ID Card Tokens

Want to print your own ID Card Tokens?

If you want to issue your contractors/vendors and/or employees with an ID or Access Card that they can use as a form of ID, and/or as a token for scanning into and out of locations, then look no further; your WhosOnLocation account supports the printing of ID Cards to be used for this purpose.


Do not confuse ID or Access Card Tokens with temporary Badge Passes issued for the duration of a guest’s visit. The latter are temporary, and in most instances, printed onto a visitor label by a thermal printer, have an adhesive backing, and displayed on the guest’s clothing or on a lanyard, then returned or destroyed after their visit.

ID Cards are issued to contractors/vendors and/or employees as a more permanent option. All you need is an ID Card Printer.

Learn more

Adding Documents to Service Provider Records

As part of the ongoing improvement to the 'Service Provider Portal' and delivering logical tools to Portal Users that deliver real productivity gains in the area of contractor, vendor, and supplier records management, today's release enables Portal Users to add evidence in the form of documents that they meet a specific requirement. The can:

  • Upload 'evidence' that one of their employees holds a specific qualification
  • Upload 'evidence' that one of their employees has passed an induction course
  • Upload 'evidence' that they have certain contract related information documented
  • Upload 'evidence' of an insurance that they have in place

Learn how service provide portal users add documents to a member's qualifications, or inductions

Learn how service provide portal users add documents to Contracts

Learn how service provide portal users add documents to Insurances

Capitalization for Visitor Names in iPad Kiosk

We have applied a minor enhancement at the request of our user community to the WolKiosk iPad visitor experience. When visitors enter their name the first letter of their first and last name will now auto-capitalize. So 'John Doe' will appear as illustrated here, not as 'JOHN DOE' or 'john doe'.

'Jane van der Haggen' will appear as 'Jane Van Der Haggen'.

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