Changelog 43: New Watchlist Feature, and more...

Features Release


The watchlist feature within our Triggers Add-on allows you to automatically check visitors entered into the system against internally generated “lists" and alert nominated people of their presence.

The types of lists you can create are endless and are only as limited as your imagination. Some examples include: banned employees, banned visitors, sex-offender lists, terrorist screening lists, No-Fly lists (if you are an airport), VIP lists, Valued Customer Lists, etc. You can even download government watchlists if you have access to the raw files and upload them as a watchlist list in your WhosOnLocation account.

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Add Documents to Notes

You can now add documents to any notes that you have created. You can add as many documents as you like to a note and can view these documents from WhosOnLocation. 

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Pre-registration update

When pre-registering guests your employees can add the names of visitors attending the visit event manually, or via our calendar integration (Outlook and Google Calendar), or by importing a visitor list using our visitor template csv file. With this latest update the template that is created for your employees to use now includes most of the basic questions your account has activated; enabling employees to pre-answer these questions on behalf of visitors. This saves your visitors time when signing in - as the answers to questions can be pre-populated for them; thus requiring them to simply review and accept.

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Asset Report update

When viewing a report of your Assets you can clearly see on the screen the Status of each asset; Overdue, Due, In. However, when exporting this report the Status column was missing. It is now included.

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