About Signature Required

Signature Required is an option that is available with both the Waiver Statement and Image Waiver custom questions.

With WhosOnLocation, you can capture a visitor’s agreement to a Waiver by requiring them to select an acknowledgement option like ‘I Agree’, I Accept’, I Understand’, etc... But sometimes, for legal and compliance reasons, you need more than a ‘button click’ to indicate their understanding or agreement.


Capturing the visitor’s signature instead of, or as well as, their acknowledgement adds another layer of validity to their agreement and understanding of your Waiver, NDA, or Code of Conduct statement.

Our Signature Required option supports guests adding their signature to your Waiver statement or Image Waiver directly onto a touchscreen enabled PC or iPad, using the mouse on a standard PC, or through their phone using WolMobile or a touchless kiosk.

We highly recommend you deploy a touchscreen stylus to keep your screens fingerprint-free

Send Copy to Guest

When a visitor signs your Waiver through WhosOnLocation, their signed Waiver gets attached to their visitor record as a PDF. Visitors can be sent a copy of their signed Waiver for reference and safekeeping if you have ‘cell phone’ or ‘email’ turned on under Basic Questions for Visitors and Send Copy to Guest is enabled.

  • If cell phone number is enabled: The visitor will be sent a text message (sms) which will include a link to their signed Waiver which they can view as a PDF.
  • If email is enabled: The visitor will be sent an email which will include a PDF attachment of their signed Waiver.
  • If both cell phone and email is enabled: To reduce SMS charges the default will be that the visitor will be sent an email which will include a PDF attachment of their signed Waiver.

If Answer Share and Send Copy to Host are enabled a link to the signed Waiver as a PDF is included in the visitor host notification email (not sms).

You can send a copy of the signed Waiver as a PDF document to any employee(s) set up in WhosOnLocation and/or any non-employee by email.

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