How To Set Up Signature Required on a Kiosk

How to set up a Signature Required question on your kiosk. You must have the Administrator user role assigned to access this feature.

When your visitors, service providers, or employees are signing into your location, you may require them to sign a Waiver or NDA, agree to conditions of entry, acknowledge they have read your health and safety process, etc. You can do this in WhosOnLocation using the Signature Required feature.

The Signature Required feature is part of the Kiosk Custom Questions feature, therefore, to capture a person's signature, you must create a custom questionnaire and enable the Signature Required option.

Custom questions in WhosOnLocation can be anything from a multi-choice question to an embedded video which requires watching. Signature Required is available on the Waiver or Image Waiver type custom questions where you can enable the Signature Required option.

Please Note: Once a Custom Questionnaire has been activated on a kiosk and answered, you cannot edit any of the options without creating a new questionnaire, meaning that any previous submissions will need to be resubmitted. Please ensure that all settings and details are correct before activating your questionnaire.

The steps for setting up Signature Required for your kiosk are:

1. Create a Kiosk Custom Questionnaire

2. Create a Waiver or Image Waiver Question with Signature Required Enabled

3. Enable the Custom Questionnaire on your Kiosk

Creating a Kiosk Custom Questionnaire

Please Note: You can find full instructions for Creating your Custom Questionnaire in our Kiosk Custom Questions Helpdesk article.

To capture a signature on sign in, you first need to create a Kiosk Custom Questionnaire to set up a Signature Required Question.

1. Go to Tools > Locations

2. Click View next to your location

3. Select Questionnaire Manager from the left-hand menu

4. Select the Kiosk Custom Questions tab

5. Click Create a New Questionnaire

6. Enter the questionnaire details


Questionnaire Name - The title of the questionnaire used to identify it

Questionnaire Type - You can set up a questionnaire to be asked on sign in or sign out

Questionnaire Target Audience - Your questionnaire can be for Visitors OR Service Providers OR Employees

Show Questionnaire - Select the frequency your questionnaire will be displayed

7. Click Save

The questionnaire will be created ready to add a signature required question. If you want to capture signatures for multiple people types, you will need to create a custom questionnaire for each person type.

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Creating a Signature Required Question

There are two types of custom question which you can enable Signature Required for, Waiver and Image Waiver.

If you create a Waiver question you can enter a waiver/NDA/agreement etc. as text for the person signing in to agree to. There are text formatting options available or you can copy and paste your text from an outside source.

If you create an Image Waiver question, you can upload an image from your computer with information that the person signing in must agree to.

With your custom questionnaire created, from the Kiosk Custom Questions tab of Questionnaire Manager:

1. Click Manage next to your questionnaire

2. Click Create a new Question


3. Enter the Question - This acts as the title of your 'waiver'

4. Select the Question Type - Either Waiver or Image Waiver

5. (Recommended) Enable Answer Share - This will be included as part of the visitor notification sent to the Host. It must be enabled for the host to get a copy of the signed 'waiver'. If you don't want to send a copy you can still enable and the host will be told that the guest has signed

Please Note: Answer Share is only available if you have visitor/service provider hosting enabled in the Questionnaire Manager

6. Enter the Waiver Information depending on the type of 'waiver'

Waiver - Enter the text to be displayed on the screen for the person signing in to accept/acknowledge/etc

Image Waiver - Upload the image from your computer to be displayed on the screen for the person signing in to accept/acknowledge/etc


7. (Recommended) Select Compulsory Question - If you want to prevent the person signing in from skipping the question

8. Add the Options Available - These are the 'I Accept', 'I Acknowledge', etc. button. If the question is compulsory, you must set up at least one option

9. Select Signature Required

10. (Optional) Choose who you want to send a copy of the signed waiver to:

Send Copy to Guest - This will send a copy of the 'waiver' and their signature to the person signing in. This can be sent via email or text

Please Note: You must have either the Cellphone number or Email address question turned on for a Visitor to receive this copy. And you must have this information in WhosOnLocation for a Service Provider or Employee to receive this copy.

Send Copy to Host - This will send a link to the signed 'waiver' to the host of the Guest. This can only be enabled if Answer Share is enabled and will be included as part of the sign in notification email only

Send to this employee - Enter any employee (s) that are currently set up in your account that you want to receive a copy of the signed 'waiver'

Send to the non-employee - Enter a non-employee email address to receive a copy of the signed 'waiver', this could be a generic email address within your company to collect these or it could be a third-party that needs to verify these e.g. your company lawyers or any other email address

11. Set the Question Timeout - This will cancel the sign-in process after the selected amount of time with no activity on the screen for security and privacy reasons. This is mostly useful if the person signing in is distracted and leaves the kiosk with information on the screen

12. Set the Question Pause Time - The amount of time that must pass before the person signing in can answer the question or agree the the waiver

13. (Optional) Set the Parent Question - If you only want this waiver to appear if a previous question was answered a certain way

Please Note: Parent Questions are currently only available for answers to other custom questions in the same custom questionnaire.

14. Click Save and Close


The 'waiver' will be added to your custom questionnaire. You can add as many questions to your questionnaire as you like and re-order them so that they are set up for your needs.

When you're done, click Back to Questionnaire Manager to return to the list of Questionnaires.


For more information on adding other questions to your custom questionnaire, please see our Kiosk Custom Questions Helpdesk article.

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Enabling The Custom Questionnaire on a Kiosk

When your questionnaire is complete, you will need to enable it on the Sign In/Out Kiosk that you want to capture signatures on.

Once your questionnaire is enabled and has been answered, it cannot be changed without cloning the questionnaire to make a new one. Please ensure that your questionnaire is fully complete before enabling it on a kiosk.

Please Note: You can find full instructions for Enabling your Questionnaire in our Sign In/Out Kiosk Setup article series.

Custom questionnaires are enabled in the settings of the kiosk that they apply to, this allows you to choose which kiosks use which questionnaires. To enable your questionnaire:

1. Select Sign In/Out Kiosks from the left-hand menu

2. Click View next to your kiosk

3. Select the Questionnaires tab


4. Select Yes next to the Signature Required questionnaire

5. Click Save and Close

Your custom questionnaire will be enabled on your kiosk and people signing in will be required to sign the 'waiver' you have set up before being allowed access to your location.

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