Signature Required User Experience

The sign in journey when Signature Required is enabled.

When people sign into your location they will have a unique experience designed by your organization including answering questions, receiving important information, and interacting with your branding.

If you have a Signature Required question enabled, the person will also need to provide a signature during this sign in process. An example of this, for a visitor, is laid out below.

Please Note: Every experience will be unique, this example will only provide an idea of what the signature capture feature may look like on your kiosk.

Signing Into the Kiosk

Most of the sign in steps will remain the same; the visitor (or service provider or employee) will approach the kiosk, select Sign In, choose their person type, enter their Name, and proceed through the sign in steps.

Depending on whether you have multiple custom questionnaires or not, and their order, eventually the person signing in will come to your Signature Required question.

Your 'waiver' will be displayed for the person signing in to view, and below this will be an area for the person to sign.

The person selects the Acknowledgement Button you have set up, Signs their name, and clicks Continue.


They will then finish the sign in depending on your account settings. This could include, but not limited to, confirming their information, being presented with a Welcome Greeting, and/or receiving a badge pass.

They can then receive a copy of their signed waiver and one can be sent to their host and/or another employee/non-employee, depending on your settings.

Please Note: For more information on these settings, have a look at the How To Set Up Signature Required on a Kiosk Helpdesk article.

Sending a Copy to The Guest

There is an option in the setup of a Signature Required question which allows you to send a copy of the 'waiver' and signature to the person who has signed. This is a quick and easy method of giving the guest a copy of what they have agreed to.

There are two possible ways to send a copy to the signatory, either email or text message. We will always attempt to send an email to the recipient first and we will only ever send the signatory one copy of the signed waiver, this is for two reasons.

First, we do not want to be sending your visitors, service providers, and/or employees multiple messages with the same information. When they receive a text, they will still need to have an internet connection to download the signed waiver so it may not be more convenient than sending an email.

Second, sending text messages uses your SMS credits and we do not want to force you to use these unnecessarily.

How do we decide how to send the signed waiver?

If the person's email address is in your WhosOnLocation account, whether by entering it during sign in or because it has been entered in their profile, we will send it via email.

If we have no record of an email address for the person signing in but we do have their cellphone number, we will send it via text message.

If we don't have the person's email address or cellphone number, even if Send Copy to Guest is enabled, we will not send a copy because we are unable to without these details.

Please Note: You can view the notifications that are sent from the Notification Summary report, if you have the correct user roles assigned.

What does this look like?

For Email

The guest will receive an email thanking them for their visit and informing them that a copy of their signed 'waiver' is attached. It addresses them by name, states your organization name, the date of the visit, and the title of the 'waiver'. A PDF document with a copy of their signed 'waiver' is attached to the email for them to view and/or download.


For Text Message

The guest will receive a text message with a link to view their signed 'waiver' online. It will contain the title of the 'waiver' as set up in your custom question, the organization name, and a link to view the 'waiver'. They can then download the 'waiver' from this link if required.


Sending a Copy to The Host

There is an option in the setup of any custom question which allows you to share the answer of a visitor or service provider with their Host via the Sign In Notification, this is called Answer Share. When this is enabled for a Signature Required question, you will also be able to enable the Send Copy to Host option.

If both Answer Share and Sendy Copy to Host are enabled, we will send a link to a copy of the signed waiver as part of the Sign In Notification that goes to the person's Host.

If the person doesn't have a Host, e.g. they are a contractor who doesn't require a host or a visitor and hosting isn't mandatory, then no Sign In Notification will send and therefore the signed waiver will not be sent to the host.

There will always be a record of every signed waiver in the Custom Questionnaire Report for the Signature Required question. Have a look at our Helpdesk article on Custom Questionnaire Reports for more detailed information on this.

What does this look like?

The host will receive a Sign In Notification as they would for any visitor or service provider member informing them who is visiting, where they are from, and where they have signed in. Under Additional Information they will find, in addition to an other Answer Share enabled questions, the signed 'waiver' from their guest.

They will be informed of the 'waiver' title, the option chosen, and told that it has been signed. Signed will also be a link to a PDF of the signed 'waiver'. If Answer Share but not Send Copy to Host has been selected, there will be no link.


Sending a Copy to an Employee/Non-Employee

You can also send a copy of the signed 'waiver' to any employee(s) set up in your WhosOnLocation account and/or one non-employee. These notifications are sent by email only and are sent immediately after a person signs in when they have signed a 'waiver'. This is separate from the Sign In Notification that a Host will receive as it only has information about the 'waiver'.


You can enter as many employees as you want to receive a copy of the signed 'waiver' by entering their name in the Send to this employee field.

The employee(s) set up to receive a copy must have a valid email address entered in the system otherwise they will not get an email. If an employee doesn't have an email in the system when they are set up, you can still add an email to their profile at a later date and they will then begin receiving these notifications.

Please Note: Once the questionnaire has been activated, you will not be able to change the employees that receive this notification without creating a new 'waiver'.

What does this look like?

The email addresses the employee by the name entered into WhosOnLocation and informs them of the 'waiver' title, the person's name, their organization, and the date of signing. A copy of the 'waiver' is then attached as a PDF document.



You can enter one non-employee email address to receive a copy of the signed 'waiver' only. This is entered in the Send to this non-employee field.

You may want to use this to send to a third-party who keeps your records, your company's lawyers, a generic internal email address not associated with a particular employee, or any other email address which is not set up for an employee in WhosOnLocation.

Please Note: Once the questionnaire has been activated, you will not be able to change the email address that is set up to receive this notification without creating a new 'waiver'.

What does this look like?

This email is very straight to the point and the recipient should be warned ahead of time that they will be receiving these notifications. It states the title of the 'waiver', the person's name, their organization, and the date signed. A copy of the 'waiver' is then attached as a PDF document.


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