Setting Up Your Deputy Integration

How to set up the integration between Deputy and WhosOnLocation. You must have the Account Owner or IT Support user role assigned to access Integrations.

Before you set up your integration you will need to have a Deputy account which is fully set up. It should have your locations and employees all created and configured. Deputy is able to push information to WhosOnLocation so if there are employees in your Deputy account that aren't in your WhosOnLocation account, they can be automatically created. This does not work in reverse.

Enabling Your Deputy Integration

Before importing data and configuring settings, you must first enable the Deputy integration.

1. Go to Tools > Account

2. Select Integrations from the left-hand menu

3. Select the Deputy icon

4. Click Enable

5. Click Yes on the confirmation pop-up

You will be taken to the Enabled Integrations tab where you can now configure your integration.


Syncing Your Deputy Account to WhosOnLocation

Before starting your sync, you will need to have your Deputy login detail.

From the Enabled Integrations tab:

1. Click Manage Settings next to Deputy

2. Read and acknowledge the two statements by selecting them

3. Click Get Started

Linking to Deputy

Please Note: You will need to work in both Deputy and WhosOnLocation to gather and enter the required information. Some information will be blurred as it is unique to your own accounts.

1. Log into your Deputy OAuth Manager account. You can go to the Deputy login page by clicking the hyperlink or going to


2. In Deputy, click New OAuth Client


3. Enter WhosOnLocation as the Name


4. (Optional) Enter the description and upload a logo image

5. Copy the Redirect Uri shown in WhosOnLocation,


and paste it into the corresponding field in Deputy


6. In Deputy, click Save this OAuth Client


This will then display the Client ID and Secret.


7. Copy the Client ID and Secret into the corresponding fields in WhosOnLocation (on the right of the page)


8. Click Continue

9. Click Authorize Now


Clicking this will redirect you to your Deputy account to select your organization in Deputy that WhosOnLocation is authorized to receive data from.

10. Select your Organization

11. Click Authorize


You will then be redirected back to WhosOnLocation for your locations and employees in Deputy to be imported to and/or synced with your WhosOnLocation account.


WhosOnLocation will display the number of locations and employees found in your Deputy account.

12. Click Continue

13. Map your Deputy locations to your WhosOnLocation locations by dragging and dropping.

This will ensure your employees are added to the correct locations in WhosOnLocation and when they sign in using Deputy, they are signed into the correct locations.


14. Click Continue

WhosOnLocation will sync with Deputy. If you have any employees in Deputy that are not in WhosOnLocation you can choose to import them once synced.

15. Click Import to import missing employees or Skip if this is not required

Please Note: If your employees are already set up in your WhosOnLocation account, you will skip this step.


Quick Tip! You can always import your employees at a later time.

16. Click Continue

17. Click Finish



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