Deputy FAQs

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Deputy Integration.

How is data synced between my two accounts?

When your Deputy and WhosOnLocation accounts are synced, WhosOnLocation will request data from Deputy at regular intervals. As employees start or end their shifts in Deputy, they will be automatically signed in and out in WhosOnLocation as the data is provided.

How often does Deputy sync with WhosOnLocation?

WhosOnLocation pulls data for sign in/out activity every 60 seconds.

Any changes to an employee list, like employee profiles added, edited, or removed, are refreshed every hour.

How are my employee lists managed across my two accounts?

During the initial set up of your Deputy integration in WhosOnLocation, you will be prompted to import or match your employees in WhosOnLocation, this will ensure that any changes made in Deputy to employee records can be automatically updated in WhosOnLocation.

While any changes to employee records in Deputy can be automatically updated in WhosOnLocation, changes to your WhosOnLocation employee list will not be updated in Deputy. This is because data is only synced one way.

There are settings to allow employees to be automatically added or removed in WhosOnLocation based on your Deputy employee list. These can be enabled or disabled, depending on your needs, in the Deputy integration settings in your WhosOnLocation account.

What happens if an employee ends their shift in Deputy but stays on-site?

WhosOnLocation takes employee presence information from employees starting and ending their shifts. If an employee ends their shift in Deputy, they will be automatically signed out in WhosOnLocation, even if they stay on-site. If this happens regularly, you may want to create an employee sign in/out kiosk in WhosOnLocation. They can then sign in after ending their shift in Deputy so that they are counted in an emergency, and sign out when physically leaving the site.

What happens if an employee signs in using WhosOnLocation before signing in using Deputy?

If an employee arrives before their shift starts and signs into WhosOnLocation, as per your safety procedures, WhosOnLocation will know that they are on-site. When they start their shift in Deputy, there will be no change in WhosOnLocation.

Because they are already on-site in WhosOnLocation, and the two accounts are synced, WhosOnLocation will know that they are already signed in and won't change their status. When they end their shift, they will be signed out of WhosOnLocation as per normal.

What happens when an employee goes on a break?

If an employee goes on break in Deputy, in WhosOnLocation they stay signed in. This is because we would rather assume that the person is still on-site when having a break than assume they have left the location. If there is an emergency, we want the system to account for any people potentially on-site as much as possible.

If you do have employees who leave the location for their breaks, you may want to use a WhosOnLocation kiosk and have those employees sign out and back in for this period.

How can I tell that an employee signed in or out using Deputy in my WhosOnLocation account?

WhosOnLocation tracks all of the information captured for every sign in and out event for your employees. This includes who, when, and how.

In the People Presence report, add the Sign In or Out Method columns; when an employee starts or finishes their shift in Deputy, this will show in the Method column.