Deputy Integration Settings

How to manage the settings for your Deputy Integration. You must have the Account Owner or IT Support user roles assigned to access this integration.

Once your Deputy account is synced with your WhosOnLocation account, there are a few settings that you can configure. You can also re-sync your account at any time and change the matching of locations and employees.

There are three sections to the Deputy Integration:




Navigating to Deputy Integration

If you are not currently in the Deputy integration you will need to go there to access the settings.

1. Go to Tools > Account

2. Select Integrations from the left-hand menu

3. Select the Deputy icon

4. Click Settings



The settings screen contains your Deputy Configuration Overview where you can manage the authorization settings between Deputy and WhosOnLocation; and two settings which you can toggle on or off, Adding
Deputy staff to WhosOnLocaion and Deactivating Staff.


Configure OAuth - View or change your Client ID and Client Secret from Deputy and View your WhosOnLocation Redirect URI.


Re-Authorize - If you are experiencing issues receiving data from Deputy you can re-authorize WhosOnLocation to receive data. Select Re-Authorize, then Authorize Again. You will be redirected to Deputy to authorize WhosOnLocation in the same way as it was done during the Wizard.

Wizard - Selecting this will take you back through the setup wizard. If you need to update information or want to force a full sync of data, you can go back through the Wizard.

Add Deputy Staff to WhosOnLocation - Select Yes if you want new staff entered into Deputy to be automatically added in WhosOnLocation

Deactivate Staff - Select Yes if you want any staff in WhosOnLocation that are not in Deputy to be automatically removed when the account is next synced.

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The Locations page lets you view and edit the matches of your WhosOnLocation and Deputy locations.


Deputy Name - The names of your locations in Deputy.

WhosOnLocation - The WhosOnLocation location that is matched with the Deputy location.

Click Assign to choose a different WhosOnLocation location for your Deputy location to sync with.

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The Employees page lets you view and edit the matches of your WhosOnLocation and Deputy employees. If you did not import any employees from Deputy, and have added them into WhosOnLocation separately, they will be synced automatically within an hour. You can also match them manually here or go through the Wizard again to sync them automatically.


Deputy Name - The name of the employee it appears in Deputy.

WhosOnLocation Assignee - The name of the employee in WhosOnLocation that is matched with the Deputy employee.

Click Assign to change or add the WhosOnLocation employee that is matched with the Deputy employee.

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