Introduction: Deputy Integration

Deputy is a cloud based all-in-one employee scheduling, time & attendance, tasking and communication platform.

Connect Deputy with WhosOnLocation in just a few easy-to-follow steps to gain visibility of who is on-site in an emergency. WhosOnLocation will automatically track employees starting and ending their shifts and sync the data with our mobile-friendly evacuation software to make verifying employee safety in an emergency fast and accurate.

Evacuation Management

WhosOnLocation's built-in evacuation software, WolEvac, gives you the tools required to efficiently verify the safety of your employees in an emergency. When your employees start their shift in Deputy, they are automatically added to WolEvac so if an evacuation is required, there is no delay in knowing who is currently on-site.

You can then use WolEvac's features to verify safety of employees manually or automatically through text verification, liaise with other WolEvac users to co-ordinate the evacuation, see real-time progress of the evacuation, and report on the evacuation when it's finished to help refine procedures and techniques used.

Sync Employee Databases

WhosOnLocation can automatically sync your employee list with your staff database in Deputy to keep your employee details up-to-date without double-handling the information. You can even allow WhosOnLocation to add and remove employees based on your Deputy account to keep your employee list relevant, or you can disable this feature if you have employees moving around a lot and want to manage your databases separately.

Accurate Reporting

WhosOnLocation keeps a record of every sign in and out for all employees in our Reporting section. You can quickly see when and how a person has signed in and out and how many people are currently on-site. This information is kept for as long as you have an active WhosOnLocation account, so you can review the information at any time.

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