Brivo Integration Settings

How to manage the settings for your Brivo Integration. You must be the Account Owner or have the IT Support user role assigned to access these settings.

Once your integration is set up, there are a few settings which you can configure. You can also re-sync your account, or change the matching for any sites, doors, and users.

There are five sections to the Brivo Integration settings:

Configuration Overview





Navigating to Brivo Integration

If you are not currently in the Brivo Integration you will need to go there to access the settings.

  1. Go to Tools > Account
  2. Select Integrations from the left-hand menu
  3. Select the Brivo icon
  4. Click Settings


Configuration Overview

The first page you land on in the Brivo Integration is the Configuration Overview. This gives you a snapshot of the setup and the information synced from Brivo, shows recent activity from the Brivo account, and lets you reconfigure your integration settings.


Selecting any of the blue buttons for Sites, Doors, or Users will take you to the corresponding settings and/or matches, and clicking Sync now will force a manual sync with Brivo.

Selecting Configure will display and let you change any of the OAuth settings.


Selecting Wizard will take you back through the setup wizard where you will sync your account and match your sites and doors.

And selecting Reset will completely disable the integration so that you can set it up again from scratch.

Please Note: If you reset your integration, you will need to delete and recreate the integration in your Brivo account as well.

Recent Activity displays the information about any door openings, people movements, and user updated as they are recorded in Brivo. You can see the people movement information reflected in the People Presence Report in WhosOnLocation.

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Select the Settings section from the left-hand menu to access the integration's automatic sync settings.

The automatic sync is turned off by default, Toggle the Automatically Synchronize option to Yes to turn this on.

The Authoritive Database option determines the way the sync flows and what settings need to be configured:


Information about emloyees that is added or changed in WhosOnLocation will be pushed to your Brivo account.


Sync Locations - Choose which locations in WhosOnLocation you want to sync to your Brivo account. This means that if you have locations in your account that you do not want to sync with Brivo, you can leave them out of this selection.

Add to Brivo Groups - Any users that are created in Brivo as a result of the automatic sync with WhosOnLocation will be assigned to the selected groups.


Information about users that is added or changed in Brivo will be pulled into your WhosOnLocation account.


Sync Brivo Groups - Users that are added to the selected groups in Brivo will be created or updated in WhosOnLocation.

Add to Location - Choose the location in WhosOnLocation that new users will be created in.

Sync Schedule - Is included in both setups and is the time each day that the sync will occur.

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In this section, you can re-match your Brivo Sites to your WhosOnLocation Locations. Simply click the Assign button next to a site, choose the location to match it with, and click Assign.


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In this section, you can re-match your Brivo Doors to your WhosOnLocation LACPs, configure settings for specific doors, view the number of triggers that can unlock the doors, and manually unlock doors.


Re-matching - To re-match your door to a different LACPs: Click Assign, select an LACP, and click Assign.

Unlocking - You can manually unlock a Brivo door by clicking Unlock next to the door, this is recorded under the Recent Activity in the Configuration Overview.

Door Settings

Click Config next to a door to configure the settings.


Allow Trigger to open this door - Choose whether you want to be able to use triggers to open doors automatically.

Set Staff presence when accessing this door - Choose whether an employee who goes through this door should be signed in or signed out of WhosOnLocation. This action will only occur when the employee is interacting directly with Brivo hardware, rather than using a WhosOnLocation kiosk.

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In this section, you can re-match your Brivo Users to WhosOnLocation Employees. Simply click the Assign button next to a user, choose the employee to match it with, and click Assign.

Please Note: If you try to assign an employee that has already been assigned, you will be asked to confirm that you want to change the assignment.

If you have any users who are unassigned, a red circle with the number of users will appear in the left-hand menu for this section. In the example below there are 215 unassigned users.


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