Use an inter-zone kiosk

Learn how to use an inter-zone kiosk to move between zones in your location.

Inter-zone kiosks are used to track people's movements within your locations. Rather than signing people into and out of your location, inter-zone kiosks switch the zone that the person is currently in. This allows you to see what areas of the location are being accessed, by who, and when. It also allows you to restrict access to areas of the location to authorized personnel only.

To learn more about how zones work, check the FAQ article

Sign in to a zone

Using an inter-zone kiosk is as easy as finding the user's name and selecting the zone they are entering. The steps a user goes through to switch zones depends on the complexity of your inter-zone setup.

The home screen of an inter-zone kiosk shows only a Switch Zone button, rather than Sign In and Sign Out buttons because the user is always switching into a different zone. When they leave one zone they are always entering another. 

The text and color of the button are customizable in the Layout tab of the kiosk setup.


Step 1: Add your name

This can be done automatically, through scanning a QR or bar code, or manually:

  • If using a regular scanner, the user can scan their QR or bar code from the home screen and the system will identify them.
  • If using an iPad camera scan, the user can select the Switch Zone button and scan their QR code from the camera screen.
  • If they're not using scanning, select the Switch Zone button, select their person type, enter their name, and select Next.


Step 2: Switch zones

The screen the user will see will depend on the number of zones you have set up: 

  • If you only have two connecting zones to your inter-zone kiosk, then switching zones will be automatic as long as the user is currently signed into one of those zones.
  • If you have more than two zones then the user will be taken to a zone selection screen to select the zone they are entering.
  • If you have a lot of zones in different groups, the user will first select the group, and the zone within that group to optimize the options on the screen at any time.


Inter-zone reporting

You can report on inter-zone movements from the People Presence report.

Whenever a person switches zones, they are automatically signed out of one zone and signed into another. In the People Presence report, each zone change is reported as a visit event. This ensures that you can accurately report on where a person is going in your location and when.

Inter-zone movements are indicated by an icon next to the Signed In timestamp. Clicking the icon will display the zone that the person came from.


You can use the Custom Filters to view inter-zone movements only, click Add a Custom Filter. Select the filter option Inter-zone, filter value Yes, and click Save Filter to apply.


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