Inter-zone kiosk FAQs

This article answers some commonly asked questions about inter-zone kiosks, sign in options, and people movements.

What are zones?

Zones are areas in your locations that you differentiate from other areas. These can be buildings on a campus, floors in a building, rooms on a floor, etc. Zones are used to track more accurately where people are in your location. This information can be used in an emergency to evacuate specific zones or to check zones for specific people, or it can be used to track people's movements within a location so you know who is accessing what areas of your application.

Find out how to create zones.

Why would you use inter-zone kiosks?

They are very versatile and can be used in many different setups:

  • To report on and restrict entry to people entering restricted areas.
  • To track movements around your locations for greater accuracy of people presence in emergencies.
  • To report on employee or contractor breaks.

Inter-zone kiosks would usually be set up at access points to zones such as doors, gates, and stairwells and can use scanning features to allow for quick interactions.

How can you sign in to a zone?

You can set up any of the following options to record inter-zone movements:

Who can use an inter-zone kiosk?

The users of an inter-zone kiosk are set up in the kiosk settings, similar to sign in/out kiosks.

You have the option to include visitors, employees, and/or contractors in your inter-zone kiosk setup. This means that you can easily deny access to unauthorized people for specific areas in your location. If a person type is not included in the inter-zone kiosk setup, they will not be found when attempting to switch zones on the kiosk.

You can also set up triggers to deny access, pop-up messages, and/or send notifications when general or specific people use an inter-zone kiosk.

Can we ask people questions on an inter-zone kiosk?

Yes, you can set up question workflows for different zones or all zones, including custom questions, using the kiosk question rules.

How do we report on inter-zone movements?

Inter-zone movements are captured in the People Presence report as separate people movements. 

See the inter-zone reporting section of the use an inter-zone kiosk article for more information.

Do inter-zone movements count towards our guest sign-ins?

Yes, because each time they switch zone, they are signing into a new zone which creates a new sign-in record.

How many inter-zone kiosks can we have?

You can have an unlimited number of inter-zone kiosks allowing you to set up your locations to your exact specifications.

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