Changelog 49: Multi-Tenant Release

Released Sunday 19th November 2017

New Multi-Tenant Feature Release

Multi-Tenant Sign In | Out Manager

Customers occupying multi-tenanted offices and buildings will have the ability to have a shared concierge, lobby guard, or reception team manage visitor sign-ins and departures from today.

The Sign In/Out Manager is used to sign visitors, service providers, and employees into and out of locations for one organization. However, some locations have multiple organizations in the one building with visitors entering through the same reception, security, etc.

We are very excited to announce that for this situation we have created the Multi-Tenant Sign In/Out Manager.

The Multi-Tenant Sign In/Out Manager allows people from one WhosOnLocation account to manage the visitors for all organizations, set up in different accounts, from the one screen. This allows a shared reception area to be created and used for all organizations in one building seamlessly.

The screenshot below shows how a user (receptionist or security guard) can switch from one tenant, ABC Inc, to another tenant, Standard Bank Inc, in order to sign a visitor in who is visiting an employee from Standard Bank Inc. 


If you would like to learn more about how to setup Multi-Tenant functionality for your facility visit our helpdesk article on Multi-Tenant Sign In | Out Manager.

New ID Card Template

Larger QR Code and Photo Option

Today we introduce a new ID Card Token Template.  This template gives you a larger QR Code and Cardholder Photo.


The ability to customize the new template by removing certain cardholder fields is retained, as is the ability to upload your own logo.

To learn more about our ID Card Token templates and print your own ID Cards visit our helpdesk article on ID Card Tokens.

New Calling Option Feature in WolEvac

Call Employees, Visitors, or Service Providers

Have you ever wanted to be able to call an employee, visitor, or service provider (contractor) during an evacuation roll-call incident. We have added the ability to call any person directly from the WolEvac app without the need for you to access your contact list or for the user to have to add every employee and service provider to their contact list.

As long as the employee or service provider has their mobile number included in their WhosOnLocation profile, and/or you are asking visitors for their mobile number when they sign-in; your WolEvac experience will include the ability to call them directly if required.


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