Additional Account Settings

Information on Account Settings that are not Account Owner specific. IT Support users also have access to Integrations, Employee Management, and Employee Access sections.

Some sections in the Account Settings require access for the IT Support users in your account. These sections typically require knowledge of API, SAML, or other technical knowledge.


Integrations are third-party systems that work with WhosOnLocation to expand the tools available to you. Our current integrations are Calendar Invites, Brivo, Deputy, and Sync Portal.


Calendar Invites - Used to connect your calendar application to WhosOnLocation for pre-registering visitors. This doesn't require any specific technical knowledge to set up.

Brivo - An access control system which syncs users and access points across Brivo and WhosOnLocation to ensure that everyone on-site is only able to access the right areas and that they are accounted for in an evacuation.

Deputy - A time and attendance application used for tracking and scheduling employees' work hours. When integrated with WhosOnLocation, Deputy employees will be imported into WhosOnLocation and accounted for in an evacuation.

Sync Portal - Used to connect your employee database with WhosOnLocation to automatically update your employee lists. This may be an Active Directory, a spreadsheet, or anything in between. This is not specific to a single third-party application but does require knowledge of API to set up.

WolScan - WolScan is our iPhone app for ID scanning enabling you to scan, capture, and record a visitor’s photo ID. The information collected when a visitor’s ID is scanned is sent to WhosOnLocation to either sign in a new visitor or update an existing/pre-registered visitor’s profile.

Employee Management

The employee management section was formerly used to set up your Active Directory Sync. With the introduction of our SyncPortal integration this is now obsolete.

Click here for information on the SyncPortal integration and how you can manage your employees using this.


Employee Access

Different settings for how employees can log into your WhosOnLocation account. You will need to have either Standard Login or Single sign-on with SAML enabled for any employees to be able to log in. Typically, when using Single sign-on with SAML, Standard Login is also enabled as a back-up.

Please Note: Standard Login is enabled for your account by default.


Standard Login - Allows users to log in with their email and password from the Login page of WhosOnLocation.

Single sign-on with SAML - Controls users logins via a third-party application.

Click here for more information on Employee Access.

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