Changelog 76 – Deactivate WolMobile, custom questionnaire API, new languages

Deactivate WolMobile access

Remove an employee's or service provider member's access to WolMobile. Either deactivate their access in their profile or run a bulk action to deactivate multiple employees or members.

For more information, check the Help Center article


Custom questionnaire API

We’ve released new API endpoints for custom questionnaires.

You can now use the API to access your custom questionnaires, custom questions, and the answers that your employees and guests have submitted. Use these read-only endpoints to extract the information from WhosOnlocation and use it in third party software.

You can retrieve a list of:

  • All custom questionnaires or a single questionnaire
  • All custom questions or a single custom question
  • All custom questionnaire submission details or a single submission (excluding the answers).
  • The answers from all custom questionnaire submissions or the answers from a single submission.

Learn more about our API schema.


Multi-language support

We’ve added Czech, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Romanian to our multi-language kiosks.

If you have enabled the multi-language add-on, you can add any of the available languages so your guests and employees can choose to use their preferred language while signing in or out.


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