Changelog 77 – Automatically erase records + People Presence report update

Automatically erase records

The Account Owner can now automatically erase employee, service provider, or visitor records. Erasing a record does not delete the record completely but it will remove any personal information or custom question submissions.

Choose the length of time after sign out that a record is erased. Options include: 7, 30, 60, 90, and 365 days. You can choose a different length of time for each type of record.

Learn more about managing your automation and occupancy settings.

If you don’t want to set up automatic record erasing, you can still manually erase records in the People Presence report.


Custom questionnaires in the People Presence report

View custom questionnaires

If you use custom questionnaires when signing visitors in or out, you can now view the questionnaires and answers to the questions in the People Presence report.

Click View Columns to choose which questions you see in the report.


Export custom questionnaires

If you’d like to export the People Presence report as a CSV file, you can also choose to export the answers to custom questions. This information is available for visitor, employee, and service provider questionnaires. There are two export options:

  • Custom question answers – the report includes the answers to custom questions.
  • Group identical questions together – this option consolidates the answers. For example, if an employee or guest has visited multiple locations using identical questionnaires, their answers will be grouped together under the same column header.


Multi-language support

We’ve added Thai to our multi-language kiosks.

If you have enabled the multi-language add-on, you can add any of the available languages so your guests and employees can choose to use their preferred language while signing in or out.


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