Managing Department Lists

How to manage your employee's departments. You must have the Administrator user role assigned to access employee departments.

Most large government agencies, corporate businesses, universities, and other organizations assign their employees to an operational area within the organization. These areas are often referred to as departments, divisions, or groups. Examples include; Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations etc....

Every WhosOnLocation account has a 'Master' department list which you are free to edit and personalize. The Master list is available to use and apply to any new location you set up. If you have a department in one location called ‘Accounts’ but in another it is called ‘Accounting and Finance’ then create both Departments and use the appropriate one at that Location.

When adding employees to the location, they can be assigned to the correct department associated with their location.

Where are Departments used?

Departments are included in:

  • Search results whenever a user uses the people search tool.
  • When a Sign In/Out Manager uses the employee search tool.
  • In evacuation reports.
  • In the employee presence functions and tools.
  • In employee presence reporting.
  • For triggers
  • For induction management

Accessing Your Department List

1. Go to Tools > Locations

2. Select the green View button beside the location you wish to manage

3. Select Employees from the left-hand menu

4. Select the Departments tab

The default view displays the departments set up in your current location.


5. Change the Display Departments option to All

6. Click Search


Department List Actions

To create a new Department, click Create a Department, name the department, and click Save.

To add a department to your location, click Add to the Location.
The button will change to a grey 'Remove from Location' button. The department will be automatically added to your location and employees can be added to the department from the Employee List.

To edit a department name, click on View next to the department, rename the department, and click Save.

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