Employee Auto Sign Out Time

This article explains how to set an automatic sign-out time for employee and where to see sign-out records. You must be an administrator to set the automatic sign-out time.

Integrity in your Employee Presence Records

If you are using WhosOnLocation to track the presence of employees on-site, maintaining an accurate record of sign in and out times is critical as it retains a high level of integrity in your evacuation and attendance reporting. However, best intentions are not always reflected in reality, employees do forget to sign out.

WhosOnLocation makes it as easy as possible to sign in and out of your location by providing a multitude of options with total flexibility. Depending on the methods deployed by you, employees can sign in or out by:

  • Using their WhosOnLocation login account from their own PC
  • Using an Employee In | Out Board
  • Using their mobile phone (WolMobile app)
  • Be signed in or out by a Sign In/Out Manager (receptionist, security guard, etc)
  • Via data sharing with your access control system

Regardless of the wide arrange of options available to employees sometimes employees do not sign out.

So how can WhosOnLocation help ensure you are not accumulating inaccurate employee data regarding their sign out times?

In this article we show you how to setup an employee auto sign-out time for any location.

How to setup an employee auto sign out time for a location

  1. Navigate to Tools > Locations
  2. Select the green View button beside the location you wish to manage
  3. Select Location Settings from the left-hand menu.
  4. Select the time/clock icon (or click inside the time field) for the Auto Sign Out Visitors option.
  5. Use the up and down widgets to adjust the time.
    Note: The clock is in the format set under Location Details. It can be either 24-hour or AM/PM.
  6. Select Save in footer of screen

Where can you find a list of employees auto signed out

1. Go to Reporting > People Presence (You must have the Reports User user role to access these reports).

2. Choose your reporting period and select Employees as the data source.

3. Select View Report to see the report in data format.

4. Use View Columns and add Signed Out and Sign Out Mode to your visible columns on the screen.

5. Visitors signed out automatically will have Auto entered in the Sign Out Mode column.

6. You can export your report as a PDF or CSV file using the Export Report button.

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